Some Much Needed Updates!

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  1. Hello, everyone! It has been quite some time since we have posted some updates, we have some great news in-store for you!

    Staff Changes!

    • Gandolf2121 (Wrotten) has been promoted to Mod!
    • ImShaen has moved from the Lone Survivor staff and has joined the Nirvana staff team as a Helper!
    • Komo is back!
    • AtLobster has been demoted.
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Cubed Chaos


    In just a few short days, the next season of Cubed Chaos will begin! July 15th! We hope everyone is as excited as we are. This new Cubed includes the old spawn from two seasons ago, the GIANT staff treehouse, a pvp colosseum, and more!

    • This map has been updated to 1.9! This means End Cities, Dragon Heads, Elytra, and more!
    • Land Protection has been removed. However, you can still lock important blocks, such as spawners, with signs.
    • New Fort Blocks have been added. A custom coded block which spawns a 5x5 house which includes a chest and a crafting table for a quick starter base or a base on the go!
    • Weather is also on this season. Donors can toggle their weather client side via /pweather.
    • Three new crates have been added this season! The Vote Crate, Cubed Crate, and The Chaos Crate. Cubed and Chaos keys can be bought via the Nirvana store here.
    This new season is already looking amazing and we look forward to seeing our cubed veterans as well as many new faces!
    The new season is currently in an open beta. To join in on the early action, use the command /Server Cube.

    Skyblock Voyage


    Welcome one and all to the brand new Season of Skyblock! Skyblock Voyage has a brand new map, a brand new economy system, and all kinds of new features.

    • New sleek pirate themed islands!
    • New player run auctions and stores!
    • All new workers and workers UI, purchasable via the store or in-game with nuggets.
    • Baked goods are the Money Making Meta!
    • Earn nuggets by selling pumpkin pie at spawn.
    Voyage has been running smoothly for nearly a month now, more features continue to be added and optimised weekly!



    At long last Crusade is nearing completion. Soon our old friend will be rejoining the server, fully updated to 1.9 with no hit delay!
    Current progress is around 85%, but we will keep you all posted on the progress as it nears completion!

    Lone Survivor


    Lone Survivor has been removed from the Network due to inactivity of player count. Do not fret! We will carry on adding new exciting gamemodes to the server.

    That is all for this week’s updates. As usual, if you have any questions, please leave a comment down below or message a staff member!

  2. i hope crusade will be at "testing" stage when it's at %90 or smth... i can't wait.
    that screenshot... :D
  3. Shouldn't be much longer :p
    We had a little mini staff "testing" today. It was good to see the old map again. He is working pretty hard on it that is for sure!
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  4. I wish I was a staff, just to see that :p
    Well hope you guys had fun! :p
  5. but that screenshot though...
  6. What about /kits in Cubed? Will they be changed?
  7. @Ordaine what needs to be made before we can test? Like what things are working and what isn't?
  8. Overall it is looking pretty solid, but a little bit of everything needs work.
    I can't give too much details as it is travs project. He will share with everyone when it is nearly done :p
    To what kits are you referring to? There are weekly kits for each rank.
  9. So they won't be changed or upgraded? :(
  10. Thanks for the update Ordaine :)

    And Gratz for the promotions! :p
  11. ive never been to crusade becuase im not an og i cant wait to see what this is all about!!!
  12. They are pretty op as is, especially if you have pro+ rank. You can claim all prior rank kits as well.
  13. that sounds cool
  14. quickshark i guess you missed a lot :)
  15. yea i did miss alot
  16. Rip ls i miss the second version so much ;(. Also if u guys fixed the bugs and brought back spawners then more people would of played. It is also your fault ls got no players.How do u expect people to play a gamemode where they cant even grind for there gear?
  17. I have a suggestion for the prices in the crates, Maybe add end rod named "Unicorn Horn"?
  18. Could do that and add some enchants. Idk about the name though xD I'll play with some ideas.
  19. Lel feel free to change it, I think it would fit because when you use it with /hat it is looking like a horn :p

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