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  1. What’s going on everyone?! This week was a bit of a quieter week. We only have a few updates this time around.
    Let’s get started.

    Staff Changes!

    • AngelNP has been promoted to Helper.
    • DarkEchoBlade has been promoted to Helper.
    • NeonBanana has resigned from Mod.
    • NinjaBree has resigned from Mod.

    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Kit PvP


    Improved Map Layout

    • The middle of the map has been smoothed out, which has been made more suitable for PvP. We hope you have a more enjoyable PvP experience now that you can stretch your legs a bit more.
    • Updates are planned for the future, so make sure to watch out! And don’t forget to leave your suggestions for possible improvements to the gamemode.



    New Guard Kit

    • The Guard Kit is a new kit purchasable on the Nirvana store. You receive some enchanted leather gear and a sharpness 50 baton.
    • That is not all! You can also catch other players with contraband and send them into the Mini Jail! But watch out, there’s a corrupt Guard that will set them free for a little bit of cash.

    The Pick Lotto

    • Take a spin at the Pick Lotto.Will you come out on top with some amazing enchants? Or will you lose it all?

    Prison is still considered a Beta Server. More updates and possible map changes are on the horizon.

    If you have any issues or questions, you can message any staff member on the forums or post a reply below!
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  2. Welcome AngelNP and DarkEchoBlade! :D
  3. Good luck AngelNP and DarkEchoBlade!
    My wishes with Neon and with Bree in the future <3
  4. Noice updates! :D

    There will be any changes in Dungeon Crawls soon? :p

    Thank you for the update Narnia! <3
  5. its now sharpness 5 on the baton
  6. I bought the kit and it has a sharpness 5 stick not 50. I would really like sharpness 50!
  7. The sharpness 50 was removed and changed to 5.
  8. Can anyone make it 50?
  9. That would be great, or at least 30.
  10. It was originally 50. It was reduced to 5 due to how op it was in pvp situations, making for an unfair experience for all players that did not have it.
    It was nerfed to help balance the overpowered kit.
  11. Thanks ordaine!
  12. So Fartinghero needs to be de-OPped. He enchanted a slime ball with sharpness 666 and a power 10000 bow. And he claims he got them 101% survival -.-
  13. He does this stuff a lot. It doesn't harm anyone, he's just having some fun lol.
  14. 1. If he's "having fun", so why we can't have fun like him?
    2. "doesn't harm anybody" He 1 shot broke my armour. it was full durability
  15. Because he has earned his rank over time.
    Again, he can give you that stuff back.
  16. Omg I wish they will add an item in cubed chaos which will have more then 100 knockback

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