Skyblock Voyage launch date!

Discussion in 'News' started by Wubs, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. the problem i have with it so far in beta is that it is giving players to much expecting players to set the price of items ...
  2. its going to get to the point where everyone will try and beat each others prices resulting in it being harder to make money because of the low prices for items
  3. I like it because it gives players a lot more free roam to make island shops and get a lot of money.
  4. what you said hasnt come to pass yet it hasnt gave players free roam to make shops yet they way its set up the only money flowing through the economy is the money that me and other people purchased in the online shop and from challenges its like you have no chance you cant do the challenges or buy money now with the shops its kinda glitchy right now thats why no one is making them every time the skyblocks server is restarted the floating items above the shops disappear so people dont even know what you are selling and in order to fix the shop you have to remake the shop sign this is trouble some when you make a big shop thats going to be alot of signs to remake..... the only way this economy when get stable is if everyone goes buy money ... or if some takes the time to make a shop ( and deal with contently remaking signs) that players can sell to so that they have a reasonable way to make money... trust me i have seen in chat time again in chat so far is people asking what they can do to make money and all anyone can say is make a shop... how is this the going to work when the people they wanna sell to has just as much money as they do 0$...... what do you have to say to this
  5. I know it is really hard to earn money in the new skyblock, but I can see this as a challenge :)

    Skyblock Voyage is basically an Hardcore Skyblock and to be honest I never saw anything like this before and I think it is pretty cool :p

    Maybe in the future when the player count will be around 200-300 they can add another Skyblock which will be OP Skyblock if you understand what I mean.

    From what I understand Wubs is probably aware of this bug and probably trying to fix it :)
  6. will fly be transferred???
  8. My /fly on my account "BreadBasketPvP" I lost it from old skyblock but I dont have proof but i had it if u could get it back for me if would help
  9. I have messaged Wubs about this, he will look into it.
  10. Hey I bought /fly yesterday on my account but I changed my account name and I don't have fly. I bought it on insane_pvp and my name now is ShatterfestPvp when I logged into the webside I logged into insane and when I went to buy it i already changed my name so it went to insanes name and i don't have it now can you help please??
  11. I messaged the owner and he looked into the matter.
    There are no purchases for either ign.
  12. yeah i have the recipt
  13. sorry i forgot to add the capitols this is the real name Insane_PvP
  14. Should be corrected now. For some reason the system wasn't displaying the purchase on insane.
  15. Thanks for your hard work!

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