Skyblock Voyage launch date!

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    Hey guys! I'm excited to be able to give you a date for the full release of Skyblock Voyage!
    Skyblock Voyage will open publicly on the 20th of June 2016!

    - Balanced economy
    - Difficult challenges
    - New Crates
    - New shop
    - New donor kits
    - A core that will allow us to add prestige at a later time!

    Q. Will my workers transfer?
    A. Yes

    Q. Will my*insert item/money* transfer?
    A. No, 'consumable goods' will not be transferred.

    Q.Whats happening with Forest and Ultimate?
    A. We are going to leave skyblock forest, and ultimate open until June 27th, however they will be removed from the game selector, and votes/purchases will go to skyblock voyage instead starting on the 20th.

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  2. I'm so hyped for this update :D Btw will island that are created in the Beta stay?
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    Yes, beta tester's islands will be staying.
  4. what is the changelog for the new skyblock voyage
  5. I rly like how u managed to capture your pig in that shot wubs :D
  6. Do you mean like an update log? or do you wanna know the differences between this and our current skyblocks?
  7. i would like to know the update log :) i believe the differences will be notorious once i read the update log thanks for all the work WUbs
  8. I swear I will play the new skyblock just because I really like the name of it
  9. sounds more like a pirate themed like the whole server
  10. Will PV's transfer?
  11. no, as there is an all new economy, items and islands will not transfer.
  12. nice to know and truth to be told im more exited than ever to see all your plans for this server since the beginning have been all positive canges
  13. Yea it is a pirate themed name, if I am not wrong the islands are pirate themed as well :)
  14. A little bit, it has a ship with a chest on it. But that were the beta test islands, idk if that starter island design will stay
  15. gave away my island to some stranger since i dont need it any more
  17. sounds like a fancy design, so hyped for the new skyblock
  18. Me 2, a new chance to get on the top again :D
  19. So ready for this update! Can't come any slower!!! But one question, how big will the islands be <3
  20. i think they are 300x300

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