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    Hey guys,
    A couple weeks ago the unthinkable happened, skyblock forest had a reset.
    Everyone lost their Island...
    But, the good thing is: you can re-visit your old Island now! :)
    If you want to see your old Island, then post your ign down below!

    Also am I looking for an Island partner who would like me to join their Island. People who know me from forest, probably know me for my insane farms and huge shop. And my kindness of course xD Can't wait till I can play with one of you!

    If you want to see a picture of your Island, send me a private message with your e-mail and ign :D
    If you want to visit your Island in singleplayer, then pls follow these steps:
    1. Download the old world: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u06w9d6q8dsyjg9/SbForest.zip?dl=0
    2. Unpack the folder
    3. Search for %appdata%
    4. Click on roaming
    5. Open .minecraft and go to saves
    6. Drag the world into your saves folder
    7. Start your minecraft
    8. Join the 'askyblock' world
    9. Post your ign down below and Ill write down your Island coords
    10. Then press esc and go to 'open to LAN', and enable cheats
    11. Type '/gamemode 1' in chat
    12. Use the /tp command to visit an Island :p
    The Island coords:

    My own islands; SmilingSlimeGuy, SmilingSlimeGirl (alt) & Cookie_Slime

    232078 124 -21602 (lag Island)

    -6799 117 19201 (main Island)

    Top 10 islands:

    Alaskanitis, is lvl 29149, coords: 18398 142 -11980

    moosicalpanda, is lvl 10152, coords: -5199 177 10804

    SdogSteven, is lvl 10010, coords: -18001 64 5941 (found it with /asadmin tp SdogSteven :p)

    skh10, is lvl 9162, coords: -3203 63 6025

    RedstoneUSA, is lvl 5139, coords: 5215 196 1608

    556, is lvl 4623, coords: 9289 123 10010

    joecobo, is lvl 4442, coords: 5587 35 401

    Ryano123, is lvl 3689, coords: 9999 239 -6802

    saltygames, is lvl 3306, coords: 15219 132 -6821

    StickyweedzMC, is lvl 3111, coords: -2828 149 83

    Other awesome player islands:
    put the ign of the player that you want to know his is coords ;p

    Spear604, 12000 238 -21602

    WutEvaGuy, 10805 184 -20855

    FusionFall25 2396 199 -12399

    soul_of_gaming 15605 131 22408

    imiKah 20838 144 -13200

    cutiepop9 13157 133 -12797 (dangrs old Island)

    ZZZZAGGGE 21977 223 1194

    Just wanted to say:
    thx, to all of the skyblock players, for making my life what it is now. You guys are all awesome and I enjoyed playing with you! I hope this thread will be usefull for all of you.

    Much love,
    ~Smiling <3
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  2. OMG this is awesome! Thanks for taking the time out of your day to do this. I know that map was huge and hard to find the cords on but now we can all find islands very easy! Thank you for doing this!
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  3. This is awesome! Thanks Smiling :D
  4. Ayeeee still on the top xP
  5. Top five before the reset, and top 3 now :D
  6. Np <3
  7. Hmm I don't understand how you can find our islands :/ still it is great :p
  8. I made my own spigot server and installed the skyblock plugin with all the data before the reset, its now a whitelisted server, in which you can still play skyblock on the previous map, to get the coords, I just need to warp to a players island :p

    Unfortunately, only I can join, this is to make it safe, and protect our home network against viruses etc.
  9. Added your Island to the list :p
  10. Omg GG laddie! :D This is sounds AWSEOME! :p
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    I feel lonely on skyblock now -_- Anyone who wants to play with me on ultimate? or forest? xD

    Added SdogSteven to the is top with the coords, I found them with the /asadmin tp SdogSteven command :p
  12. Am you missed me lol! Jk
  13. Why does everyone call me lady or girl :(
    My name clearly says 'guy'

  14. added WutEvaGuy xD
  15. lady and laddie aren't the same things xD
  16. Smiling I love this <3
  17. lad is like british for dude or bro or boy

    like a brit would say "sup lad"
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  18. Well, didn't know that one :p
  19. thx xD
  20. lol even I am not british

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