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  1. As all you may have known, there has recently been a reset on Skyblock. This means all of the islands and everything that goes along with it has been wiped out to have a new and better economy for everyone to enjoy. The main question here is, why?

    Well, the reason for this is to have the ability to hold more players, before it was only able to hold only 15 players, and the increase in player count for Skyblock has raised. Since the reset has happened, each Skyblock is able to hold a 100 players! Magnificent right? Not only that, but the lag has settled down, and placing restrictions help that. Most of you considerably do not like the restrictions and I truly understand that, but you as a player have to have an understanding on why this is placed. Before the reset, there were tons of farms that were beyond crazy to the point where it makes Skyblock lag really bad. It not only affected us, but it affected the player as well, on their island the lag would be immense.

    Basically our goal was to have the economy more of a " Manual " way to farm your items, instead of having the redstone contraption to do it for you.

    Another question you may ask, what are the limits on Skyblock?
    Here is a list on all of the items that are limited:

    Banner: 10
    Item Frame: 10
    Furnace: 10
    Chest: 50
    Trapped Chest: 15
    Ender Chest: 1
    Jukebox: 5
    Dispenser: 5
    Dropper: 5
    Sign: 10
    Mob Spawner: 10
    Note Block: 5
    Enchantment Table: 5
    Beacon: 12
    Skull: 25
    Daylight Detector: 10
    Hopper: 20
    Red stone Comparator: 10
    Flower Pot: 10
    Painting: 5
    Armor Stand: 5

    Also, most of you probably have noticed that your redstone contraptions haven't been working lately, this is because only the simplest of redstone that doesn't require any clocks or difficult wiring is able to work.

    Do not look down though! Skyblock is still an enjoyable place to communicate and interact with others! Stay positive everyone!

    If you have any other questions about the restrictions and limits on Skyblock feel free to comment it down below!

    Those of you who do not like the restrictions that are placed upon you, then just head on to Skyblock Ultimate! In order to play on it, you must have a rank of any kind. The advantage to having a rank is that you are not limited to any items, except for Hoppers that are about 50. Not only that, but the island size is bigger! In the other three Skyblocks the island size is 100x100, but for Ultimate, it is 200x200! Isn't that great?

    That most likely sums up on everything I had to talk about, if you have questions or concerns, please put them down below!

    Have a great day everyone!
    Love you all!
  2. Lets have a hopper limit, a piston limit, and a banner limit. But do we really need a enchanting table limit, a plower pot limit, or a beacon limit? I don't think so, please.
  3. Each and every one of those counts as an entity. Which contributes to lag on the server. When a lot of players start playing and more and more islands are made and develop. Just imagine how many of each of those there will be. That is why a limit was established.
  4. Was the beacon limit made because of my 5 stacks of beacons? That looked awesome :D
  5. Cool zan! Thanks for update!
  6. Geez had no idea the limits were this severe! I certainly wont be playing forrest anymore, Ultimate all the way!
  7. I don't really play skiblock but I want to ask the skyblock players, Are you fine with all this? xD
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  8. Well, Thank gosh ultimate skyblock is a thing! Now I need to get my alt account a rank now! xD :D
  9. GG laddie xD
  10. What is the active piston limit? :p
  11. 5, maybe 8 if you're lucky! :p
  12. I'll just buy a rank D;
  13. That would be the best call for you if you ever want to progress in Skyblock!
  14. What are you mean by "8 if you're lucky!"? xD
  15. Is nirvana turning to pay to win? It seems a bit like it.
  16. No, it justs a gift for the people who donated to the server, you wouldn't want to have a rank and have restrictions on you, right?
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  17. Sometimes the redstone doesn't work by time it hits 8, but sometimes it does.
  18. no I'm extremely sad and mostly angry with them :( :mad:
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  19. I agree its way better to have a rank, thats how it's pay 2 win. You pay to have no limits.
  20. You can consider it what you want. The server was added as a reward to all the donors. As with the promotions, limits had to be added to reduce lag for an influx of players. Due to skyblock ultimate requiring a donor rank, that means there will be less players and limits are not needed.
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