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    Hello Skyblock players!

    As many of you know, I have been working on Skyblock forest for the past few week, and I have some great news!

    First of all, the server lag is all fixed. We have a 1,000% boost in performance, meaning no more server lag!
    Secondly, we added TONS of new things, like a Vote party every 100 votes, a /Trade command, and much more.

    One of the biggest performance boosts, and most complicated issues to fix was Mobs spawning.
    I understand that many of you are confused about mobs, and spawning so I'm going to take some time explain how it all works in detail.

    Mobs will spawn when a player is near a spawner, or when a player is in an area that mobs should spawn normally, like a dark room or a mob farm. When the server's mob limit is hit, no new mobs will spawn until the old ones are killed or die off.
    The server limit is very important, and required for a few reasons.
    If we just let mobs spawn all the time with no limit, skyblock would spawn 50 mobs per second until the server couldn't support them anymore, and it would have performance issues constantly. Every server has a mob limit to avoid performance issues.

    The network uses the best hardware or "Boxes" (basically big computers) for their servers, which means that we can support over 2000 mobs alive and 100 players at a time without server issues. Which is crazy! Can you imagine 2000 chickens walking around?

    If we have 50 online players, and a mob limit of 2000 mobs, we can have 40 mobs per player alive at any given point. that means more mobs in your island, and more mobs coming out of your spawners.

    Now the next issue was that some players, had mob farms that could hold 500 mobs or more. These players were holding so many mobs, that the mob limit was hit, and spawners "broke" or stopped working and those mobs were never despawning! So we had to figure out a way to limit the number of mobs any given player can have at a time. Turns out this is not easy, set the limit to high, and a handful of players is all it takes to hit the mob limit and stop new spawns, set the limit to low, and players don't have enough mobs. Its like a balancing act, trying to find the happy medium.

    So we had an idea, what if we could limit the number of mobs in any given area? This would prevent players from being able to "Hog all the mobs" By pruning extra mobs from players with gigantic farms, we can allow other players spawners to spawn new mobs, and allow hostile spawns to work.


    We limited farms by mob type, so greedy players could not have 100's of mobs.
    Each mob type, can have its own limit set.

    Example, we limit chickens to 5 in a group.
    With 80 players on that's 400 chickens

    What if we change the limit to 10 per group?
    80 players x 10 chickens per area = 800 chickens, almost 1/2 the server's limit.

    While i know that this does upset some players, with huge farms that relied on 100's of villagers or chickens to make Iron or eggs, It helps even more players by allowing spawners to work on other islands and mobs to spawn naturally.

    The new system is not perfect, the mob count does hit the server's limit when near 100 players are on at a time, and that will stop new mobs from spawning, but as over populated or unused mobs will now be purged and selectively removed, new ones WILL keep spawning.

    Have a special mob? or a baby rabbit you keep as a pet?
    You may prevent a mob from despawning by naming it with a nametag.

    So Thanks for reading all of this, and i Hope it helps explain what is going on

    I believe i have found a good balance between performance, and amount of mobs. If you guys feel like something needs to change, or if you love the new system, or you just want to say hello, comment below.
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  2. :D I like the chicken pictures.
  3. It will definitely cause much less lag, those greedy players can cause some lag big time, i like the idea!
  4. Thanks alot Wubs keep up the good work!
  5. yes just I need some of these fixes in mystic:p
  6. ju... just wanted to say hello
  7. What test? D:
  8. I was having issues posting on the forums last night. Nothing to worry about:p
  9. Thanks Wubs! Amazing work as always! :D
  10. I only wanted two chickens, or two of each mob, not tens of each, so this makes sense.
  11. This thread is kinda old :) now there is the stacking thingy mobs :D
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  12. I will tell Wubby to update it :)
  13. Thanks Wubs. Great job fixing the lag! To make an easier playing skyblock
  14. Dat delay thoo
  15. PLEASE!!!!Wubs im begging fix the vote keys and put unlimited chest and signs!!!!!Its soo anoying how you can only have 10 signs!:(:(:(:(:eek::eek::eek::eek::confused::cool:
  16. Limits are set on skyblock to reduce lag. We cannot fix the vote keys right now since we do not own the website that is not giving you keys.
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  17. Correct, the only one we have close contact to is Which 99.999% of the time gives you your rewards. Voting has been a bit buggy these past few days
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  18. :p Well It's really annoying can you change something else?I'm not the only one that thinks its annoying.[​IMG]

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