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  1. The end of the Quarter is near. Perhaps Wubs is considering resetting Skyblock again for a new "Season". Here's a thread for us to recommend changes to make Skyblock on NIrvana more enjoyable:
    Mob spawning is atrocious. It's one thing to make it more difficult to get mobs but it shouldn't take days to get a passive mob or a whole day to get a stack of rotten flesh. Nirvana is the worst Skyblock server I play on (of 5 different ones) when it comes to getting mob drops. Most other servers use spawners to cut down on lag. I know that the two high player count servers I play on do not have mob stacking turned on and have spawner farms for the drops. Even the Classic SB server spawns faster.

    Make all blocks available for purchase again. One other small server I play on had used an NPC as a player shop for blocks, another for flora, and a third for fauna. Doing something like this would make the area for the shop smaller yet give us the experience we had in SbForest.

    The starter island should have more ores loaded in the middle. It would be nice to be able to get lapis, redstone, and diamonds from the island. The "prestige" island should have more resources as a reward. That would encourage players to do the challenges.


    I think Nirvana needs to stand out as being different than other servers. Since we have "workers" I don't think an "ore" generator is the way to go. Nor should the economy promote balances of 100's of millions of $$$.

    Each of us play Skyblock for different reasons. Some to get the largest island, some the highest balance, and others to have the prettiest island. The reason we play on a server and not in single player is to have interaction with others. Making SB frustrating does not promote that and ruins our experience.
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  2. I completely agree about the money some stuff is top OP cough narp gold cough, but I mainly think that when you buy access to the end it should be either a personal one or it should be one that resets every month.

    I like how the mobs are my computer was getting lag from all the mobs when I would afk (I like using looting) and now it is easier on the graphics. I just wish you could choose like no one wants their cows or villagers to combine.

    I don't think that it is frustration I love this version and cant wait to see what else they add
  3. Tbh they need to make it just like SB forest 1 year ago that was the best sb the server ever had (Besides mystic)
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  4. I will forward this thread to Wubs, if you have any more ideas, let me know!

    Edit: I will try my best to push for these ideas, and other ideas to be implemented.
  5. Mob spawning is not bad. I look away from a dark spot at night for 5 seconds and it's a 30 minute ordeal to clean up the mobs and place a torch. Passive mobs have very specific spawning conditions, consider reading in to those, as I have had no trouble at all getting passives when I want them.
    I'm sure other staff will also tell you this, but mob spawning is not increased or decreased. Actually, it would be slightly increased, since Minecraft registers a stacked mob (2 or more mobs in one) as 1 mob, so the limit gets artifically bunmped up by that.
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  6. Actually if you breed stacked cows it breeds them as if they weren't stacked then when the baby cow is made its just as much as if you would have breed them when they weren't stacked. So if you breed 2 50 stacked cows 50 baby cows come out
  7. A lot of people complain about these things, as they are not informed well about this. Same with chickens: stacked chickens drop more eggs etc ;) Pretty neat, hu?

    I have to agree with this, the original idea of the small shop was to have more trades, etc. between players, but in my opinion it just broke the economy as people are not able to sell items and stuff.


    As "the guy" that earned 500k a day on forest, I must admit I really liked playing on it. SkyBlock forest kept me intrested in the server for several hours a day; whenever I got home from school till I had to go to bed; I quickly became addicted and was really sad to see the server go. In my opinion, SB Forest was also the best SkyBlock I had ever played on, people quickly communicated and everyone was constantly talking. Players had massive shops and trading was a cool thing. People focussed each on their own projects, but meanwhile, they helped others out with their projects.. I honestly miss it too :3 For any of those out there who remember me, shoot me a message so I can add you on Skype, it'd be nice to talk to you guys again :)
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  8. Hey peeps.Ons thing I wish that was added back in was being able to pick up Spawners with a silk touch,That was super helpful for me.Also the shop,the current shop is terrible tbh and there needs to be much more than that on sale.Donor shops, we should add spawned back in entirety and put them in the floor shop or thin of another way to make the ranked feel more privalaged because I know some people who only brought a rank bc of the ds.I think something that would help is advertising the server more.The player count over the last year or two has unfortunately gone down and we need to do something to get it back up! We can do this Guyyss
  9. island farming kinda ruined this for everyone, although it was nice

    the idea is to keep money within the economy and not to just get rid of or create it out of nothing
    you're supposed to sell to and buy from other players

    are you asserting your donor-privilege?
    bad idea - eula exists

    bad idea - reasons that need not be explained

    I like that you are trying to help the server grow to its former glory though. Some of these ideas could definetly be implemented in a different, more eula compliant way. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. Well, after a 3 month break, I came back to my island. I watched my 120 blocks of grass (plains biome) through two day / night cycles. No cows, pigs, chickens, sheep ... NADA. This makes it impossible to continue the challenges. There isn't much incentive to continue playing on Skyblock when there aren't many players anymore and you can't be creative as you want to be in your builds.

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