should we add /block,/ignore

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should they add /ignore,/block.

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  1. yes they should.

  2. no they should not.

  3. they should but only in some minigames.

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  1. well i dont know if this is already a thing but should we add block,ignore. now for example in pvp if someone is bothering you we can do block,ignore so we dont get a bad day or we dont get mad. i just thought about this becuase someone was just flaiming me or being toxic becuase they thought teaming was not allowed,they thought i was hacking. i just thought this was a good idea for people who dont want a bad day or already is having a rough day.

    thx <3. (ps. if this is already a thing then tell me or just ignore this thread)
  2. Quickshark the thing is, if you /block or /ignore then you may lose some key evidence that they were disrespecting you so if you do it then any new evidence is not posible to gain, therefor /block and /ignore may not be added in the future :/
  3. if you dont like what someone is saying you dont need a command just block them out of your mind its really simple
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  4. So you are saying bullyings is fine? Just block them out?
  5. And like when someone comes on with a fancy chat spam hack, and there isn't a staff member on. We want to ignore then.
  6. I agree with this becuase then the Stupid person who keeps being mean will stop as they see that they are being ignored, shutting them down making them not care anymore

    Bullying is not good and no one should do it but if you just ignore them in chat, like I said, they will eventually stop as they now think you or the person doesn't care, so if just mentally blocking them out is just as good and also sometimes it comes as amusement to me when someone says I hack, for Example this player named "AK_Clove" was on pvp at the same time with me, I just kept wrecking him and soon enough he started to say I hacked, I ignored him and then soon enough he PMed me saying quote on quote, "What Client?", "I Know your trying to use speed and Kill Aura Right now", "I used to be a mod on this server so I have a mod that tells me what clients you trying to use", and then I just sent him a pic of me using vanilla Minecraft and then ignored him again, He called on a Mod saying I hacked but then the Mod immediately knew I wasn't Hacking. Sorry I made this long (it seemed shorter in my head).
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  7. thank you guys for taking this idea into consideration!
  8. where did i say bullying is fine? bullying is never fine and if someones bullying you you have to ask a staff member about it and no calling someone a scrub or bad at pvp is not bullying at all

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