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Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by ZomSlayaa, May 4, 2015.


Has this happened to anyone else?

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  1. Yesterday I created a sheep farm that had different coloured sheep: red, orange, blue, black ..etc.

    I left to get wheat to breed them all and when I came back the red and yellow sheep had gone. At first I thought someone was killing them but 3 different mods (ItsLink, Emmaa and ProfSimpleton) have all looked at it and said they haven't been killed.

    The same thing happened this morning. I looked around for wolves and stuff...nothing. The weird thing was it was just the red and yellow sheep again.

    Is this a weird bug or .... I have no idea what else it could be..
  2. They Mob enitys de-spawn upon you leaving their chunk, this does happen to other people!
  3. Try moving them in a different location, or with other animals.
  4. Yeah they would be despawning for whatever reason... Try moving them or adding a chunk loader (you can do this with some redstone tom foolery)
  5. ye but only happens to some sheep, the others stay there
  6. Chunk loaders on cubed wont work if he teleports out, rather they are intended for Vanilla minecraft (1.8 and below) where players walk away from chunks. Because of the way loaders "smear" chunks, unloading both chunks at the same time prevents them from working. Additionally, he'd be required to load a 5 chunk radius, otherwise he would have "lazy" chunks where redstone functions, but entities are not processed.
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  7. if im correct then only agressive mobs despawn(atleast its like that in vanilla minecraft) and passive mobs should not despawn
    maybe it is job of one blugin or mod or something like that that delets passive entitys from unloaded chunks if there are too many of them and it likes deleting red and yellow more than deleting other types of sheep or maybe they sommehow got infused into orange sheep if thats a thing

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