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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by RedstoneUSA, Dec 4, 2015.

  1. Guys, alert the devs. We have waited a year for /Sell Hand and we still don't have it. Can a Dev at least respond and say if they will at some point add /Sell Hand into skyblock?

    Thanks, Red
  2. Sell hand isn't coming to skyblock. I think they mentioned it awhile back, but it won't be getting added.
  3. Nooooooo why? (Btw, Could you get YT if you resined from staff?)
  4. They didn't want to make it too op lol.
    And are you asking if I could in particular or just staff in general?
  5. What does /Sell hand do? Sorry I don't know much about it :p
  6. Instead of going to the shop and sell stuff one by one, you can use sell hand.
    You need to hold something and then type /sell hand and that will sell the item/s that in your hand.
    There is also /sell all and that is selling all the stuff in your inventory :)
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  7. Thanks! :)
  8. I really wish it would come, maybe for mvps? It wouldnt be too op as if people want to sell something they will have to sell it anyway. Wouldnt save that much time, but would be effiecnt and would help my sanity.
  9. You MVP aren't you?
  10. I personally think that /sell hand would be to op. Currently people on Ultimate got to 1 million cash in less than 2 weeks. If there was /sell hand they would probably be around 3 million or more. Thanks :D
  11. Ordiane, would you get YT? I know your an extremely small youtuber, but your friends with mrsupersweet, and he likes you, so he might give you YT even though you only have 30 subs.
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    Well I do have yt rank :p I love staff too much to quit just to be able to display it though.
    It is also based on how much he likes your content as well. A majority of my videos are done on nirvana too.

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