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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Maeghs, Aug 22, 2015.

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  1. Honestly, the main reason why I haven't quit this server entirely is because of the hard earned cash i've invested into it.
    1. When I have a problem and I ask a mod if there's something I need to do differently, they respond with "If you don't like the server then leave." I've run server's before and I know how stressful it can be so I'm never rude to staff, that response was unprovoked. (This has happened on multiple occasions)
    2. Most times when I attempt to log in I can't. I will log into the lobby and right click the compass and it won't load. I know this problem is not on my end because I have tried it on several different acocunts, computers and internet connections (my house, boyfriend's house, cousin's house, uni computers).

    My main disappointment in this server is the way that staff treat people. If staff weren't so rude, I wouldn't be so upset with this server, and I would be understanding.

    To the owner of the server: Please tell your staff to not be so rude, especially to people who donate to the server, like, just be nice, guys!
  2. Yeah, staff is rude, I agree about that, btw the reason why you can't log in or when you press the compass it doesn't do anything is because your internet connection is low.
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  3. Thanks, I didn't think it was that because I tried it at my uni (they have the NBN so they internet is super fast), and it still had the same problem, but I could be wrong.
  4. Do you live in a village or a city?
  5. City. Brisbane City.
  6. So your internet connections should be Gucci. But for some reason it's not.
  7. If you haven't noticed, the compass thing you encounterrd is a bug. And that means it's being worked on. If you read the news post it states everything is getting revamped or reworked on. Don't give the devs flack for that, they are working hard now.

    As for the staff members, I have not met any that have been rude at all. If you believe a staff is being rude when you were not being provocative, take screenshots and give the evidence up to MrSuperSweet, the servernowner, himself. I don't believe there are any bad staff members on the Nirvana Network as I'm good friends with each and every one of them. But if you believe that, please report it. The last thing this server needs are bad staffs. But I highly doubt that staff are being rude.
  8. If you want, you can also run up to the skeleton that says Skyblock and right click it.
  9. We know that
  10. Chan, could you buy me a VIP Lifetime? I would repay back with ingame money.
  11. If you know that, then stop complaining and post it on the bugs section on the forums. (If you're talking about the compass)
  12. Unrelated to this topic, as if I'd buy you VIP. I can't even buy myself VIP. I don't even play Skyblock because I don't find it fun.
  13. Nirvana staff are rarely ever rude to players and when they are, they are either joking around or provoked due to harassment or disrespect. If a staff member said "If you don't like the server then leave." there were things mostly being said such as trashing the server, being disrespectful. In which case it wouldn't be considered as rude, but as to end whatever situation was going on.
    I have said that once or twice due to players spamming they are quitting and how bad the server is.

    As for the compass. It is a known bug which is being worked on. Nirvana's core systems are being redone as we speak and should be released by the end of the month. This should fix a lot of bugs and glitches we are experiencing across a wide range of servers.

    Again Nirvana staff very rarely are disrespectful to players and if they are it is due to players instigating situations with them.
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  14. Haven't met a rude staff member yet ;) but idk... maybe its cut throat on skyblock lol I pay cc where the grass is greener <3
  15. Me too :/ I never saw a rude staff member :)
  16. Not agreeing on staff being rude, certain members are unhelpful at times but some are very good at there job, (taee, hypedllama,lux , ordaine) to mention a few.
  17. Totaly agreee 100%, staff have much more time for players on CC which leads to a much better experience.
  18. I like the staff they are never rude to anyone i have never seen staff rude to anyone on the server
  19. At least staff fixed some problems on the skyblock ;)
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