Real Bad Bugs

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Sysiphus_the_gr8, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. So I have recently started playing on Skyblock West but I have come across a few bugs I would like to share, if you have any bugs to share feel free to comment down below. 1.) When I try to do a challenge (the farmer one) i have all the stuff but it said I don't so I can't complete the challenge. 2.) I have a diamond sill pick axe but when u broke my spawned I front of @Gwim the spawner was broken and I didn't get it back. 3.) The spawner I did put down I put a cow egg in, but when it started spawning cows (I needed milk) it said and acted as if they were pigs so when I tryed to get milk it went in the bucket but I couldn't drink it or do a certain challenge. Please fix these bugs staff :) :(
  2. Only natural cows are supposed to give milk in skyblock. As for the spawner glitch, the Devs have been told about it. Also, if you find anymore bugs, please use the section of the forums called "bugs" which is located here

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