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Who wants more islands

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  1. ME

  2. I'm okay with what we have Rn

  1. This is just my opinion ranked players should get more than one island (vip's 2, mvp's 3, pros, 4) I want to do many tasks such as create a island with crafting tables but at the same time i want to make a legit island but i cant.

    Please agree with me guys Thank you
  2. This is an interesting idea, but I don't know how well it will do.
  3. Problem 1: Ranked players already have an unfair advantage for resources, so this will make it worse
    Problem 2: It will be hard to keep track of islands and resources, as adding people to islands will be more consing
  5. Problem 3: It is simply not possible.
    Unles the Nirvana Dev Team decides to code their own skyblock plugin, which is unlikely to happen. Eitherway, the skyblock plugin we're using right now is a very matured plugin with many features and little to no bugs. Creating multiple islands is sadly not one of those features. You could however, use an alternate account to create a second island, and then /is coop yourself on that island.
  6. ./Is coop isn't a ting D: We badly need to add that in.I am not advertising, but look at some of the ideas or command in the PrimeMC server x
  7. Uh, it is. I own a Skyblock server myself which runs the exact same plugin?

    Edit: I've went onto Sbv and it is indeed not a known command on Nirvana. I'll ask Wubs to take a look at it.
  8. This is a trash idea IMO. We donors already get a lot of stuff, this would make it insanely unfair...
  9. Idk about the whole /is coop thing, but I know that at least for me the idea of buying a second account isn't very realistic or plausible.

    Overall, I think the original idea, more or less, of this thread - in a more basic form - is not a bad one, but I don't think it would be very do-able on the server. I think what we have now is something that we can, have been, and should be able to continue working with. Good'n with the idea, though :D.

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