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  1. So yea its sad i got here i thought i would go out good with the server getting better but um its not no one plays lone survivor and dungeon crawler. community is not good as it used to be staff are them self hacking greifing and threating. Game's are not good only people are on skyblock crusade and cube chaos and as you see how many people who get banned a day is alot that was not like the old cube and nirvana i remeber but i would like to thank those who has played with me and have fun you guys are awesome Goodbye hope to see you all someday
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  2. Cya, I'll miss you:(
  3. You will be missed William, but change is always better in order to progress. The changes that we make and all of the memories that are left behind will be cherished and remembered. There is always good in change, not only til you realize it.
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