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Why did Komo make a server thread?

  1. He's insane

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  2. He was forced

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  3. Pancakes

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    I would also like to see a harder cubed, but not as hard as you want it to be. More vanilla with extra enhancements, unique but fun perks... But I would really dislike a hardcore cubed though. And like I mentioned many times in my post, I don't want any OP items at all, but I also do not want the removal of crates etc.

    What would make it a bad system? It'd be custom, and like I said, the possibilities with it would be pretty much endless :p Allowing players to decide whether they want PvP, other players building, breaking blocks, interacting with redstone.. in their base... :)

    Agreed :) But maybe not protect everything, cause that would make it impossible for players to get like netherbricks, endstone, ...
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  2. I'm late and I think every one of my ideas have already been said but, y'know.

    • Increase the difficulty. Cubed is way too easy... 2 seasons ago I had about 2 stacks of diamond blocks in less than a month of playing.

    • Decrease ore spawn rates. As said above, I had 2 stacks of diamond blocks in less than a month of actually starting the season. Keep in mind that I was a pure skyblock player, so the season was already in progress.

    • Keep PvP turned off. Although I want cubed to be more difficult, it would seem more like the PvP server in my opinion if PvP was turned on.

    • Lastly, update to 1.11. Even if some plugins aren't supported, it would still be a fun thing to do. Cubed is an SMP after all.
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  3. Oh wait I forgot you're an admin so you don't care if all the ranked non staff players would get fly removed because you're an admin so you get fly anyways
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  4. That would also include staff unless they are fixing griefs and such.
  5. If you remove fly, I want a refund for my rank
  6. Stop lyin you spawned them in
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  7. Ok. First of all. You need to check yourself before you blantantly attack all the staff in a post. Second of all, ranks are not here for the sole purpose of making you fly in survival. If you didnt know ahead of time that rank features could be removed or added then you shouldnt have paid anyway.
  8. Lol I bought my rank purely for /fly, /feed and /kit (to get my 40 weekly diamonds). I'm fine with you removing kits or /feed, but please, keep /fly.
  9. I don't want /back, nor KeepInventory. Give us something hard for once please. Cubed is so easy I don't feel like playing it...........
    Nor /feed, nor /fly. Yes, we paid for them but I still think that they are way OP.
    But, I agree with the griefing thing. There should be a protection system again. It's so stupid that you guys removed away the one we had. What was wrong? Now, every staff has to deal with griefs. Why though?
  10. three words glitchy/buggy sponges. Those things broke more often then they protected things.
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  11. Not a bad idea actually.

    LOL about the sponge: i think they were just stupid lol, a thing that makes you a 3x3 house that you can barely fit into. I never understood it. don't know why Komo but your post just killed me, it was so funny for some reason.
  12. the one thing i would hate is pvp on everywhere with no way of having protection
  13. You log in with pvp disabled. If you want to pvp, /pvp on or something similar.
    If you log off, pvp disables and you have to turn on again when you log back in.
  14. Peoples are usually using these sponges to troll other peoples from what I've seen
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  15. Not these fort blocks. The old protection sponges that protected like a 11x11 area. They were broken more often than they fixed things.
  16. Bump-adee-bump
  17. Remember when the server was freshly reset and you and I created our very own small town? I loved that.
    To put my two-cents into this;

    - Everything was given to us. Either it was via Donation Perks or Crates or whatever, it was all given. Loads of diamond blocks made it feel like finally getting a beacon full of diamond blocks useless and not rewarding. While donators donate to receive these perks, it just makes the game way too easy. The only thing I like about donation perks are like /back, /pv, and /fly. (Fly I'd use to build and /pv should be limited to like 9 slots)

    - No ridiculous crate items / remove crates entirely. Maybe just have (vote) crates give currency (nuggets) or just not have them. If you insist on having them, then just give blocks or food or lameo stuff. No 25Eff Diamond Unbreaking Pickaxe that breaks 3x3 radius or OP armor etc.

    Now for features that I'd like to see just because:

    - PvP which can be toggled using a command.
    - Encourage people to use nether portals for travel. So like instead of pwarps, people will have to create nether tunnels for fast travel.
    - If the above idea is bad, then let non-donors have access to more pwarps as well as /back.
    - Have events with staff involved (get the player base community involved weekly or something) whether it's like a parkourse, minigames, drop parties, it'll be fun.
    - Have protection. Idk how, but if you can get it to work then do it :D
    - Remove item protection. If you die in pvp, you deserve to lose it.
    - If you won't remove pvp protection, then make it so you drop items in the PVP Arena.
    - Remove /repair and make people create XP Farms to repair their things on an anvil.
    - Bring back wands so I can shoot people and annoy them. jk
    - Allow the breaking of spawners, but limit what it can be changed. No iron golem, witch, villager etc.
    - Adding onto the above, encourage players to be intuitive and create farms like Witch farms using witch huts, Iron golem farm using villagers, etc. Don't allow players to place spawners in the nether as well so you'd have to create a Wither skeleton farm rather than placing a few skeleton spawners for easy wither skulls.
    - Make spawn look nice and user-friendly. I didn't like any previous spawns because they were huge and bad. The most ideal one was S6? with the spawn facing an open castle with plots behind spawn. Make it so it's aesthetic as well as having signs detailing everything and having plots seeable.
    - Make plots be RENTED for nuggets. For the past seasons, plots have been so bad and buggy. People paid for it using IRL money and it was wasted. All the plot space were gone and you could easily grief them. Just make it buyable with nuggets and have it so you can only rent it. Maybe if you don't want to lose the space then you can extend the time using even more nuggets. (say it costs 3000 nuggets to rent a plot, then if you want to extend it costs 10000)
    - More to come when thought of.

    What made Cubed Chaos a good server was all the cool perks and features even non-donors received. As well, it wasn't over the top. Not allowing non-donors to mine spawners, flying, pwarp, protection, tpa's, all those things were cool. Now it's become dead because Minecraft is dying as well as the server becoming really easy. idk im tired.
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  18. Everybody wants to get rid of Keep-Inventory? I love the fact it has that. Anyway, I think Vote crates should still be useful because of new-comers that could have a little help-in-hand when they start, Also to bring back spawners. Spawners were one of my Fave things before the last reset. And that you should be able to change with nuggets or diamonds ect... I love /fly, It is the MOST helpful thing in the game and would not be as far in the game as I am now without it. I think the kits should have more useful items ( Other than diamonds) and that currency would not be such a good idea. With currency, that involves a shop. And if you have spanwers then you are bound to be the richest on the server and be ahead of everybody else in no time. Thankyou for reading x

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