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Why did Komo make a server thread?

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  1. Hey guys. I tis be Komo. The admin noone knows about. I wanted to take a quick survey of everyone thats active on the forums. The main question is...

    What do you like and or hate about the current cube?

    I want 100% honest answers. Give me specific server things you like and dont like. Such as crates, world generation/size, amount of staff involvement in affairs things of that sort. Also, tell me things that you would like to be added or removed. I want everyones personal opinion on what would make cube the 100% best that it can be. Dont hold anything back. You can say the game just completely sucks if you want. Noone will judge, I just want you to be as honest as possible. Ill keep the thread up for about 2-3 weeks or a month for discussion. Please feel free to give me your best thoughts. <3
  2. the vote crate nobody likes and the other crates make cube p2w which should not be a thing also having non legit enchants like eff 25 should not be a thing or renamed junk items for voting doesnt encourage the players to vote and yes the world is too big for the current player base it would of been better having a smaller world and as theres more playerbase raise the border limit
  3. Honestly I want to bring back the smp feel. Cubed has been getting over powered and crazy with perks and items and such.
    Yes it is fun initially, but the long term game play is cut short.
    Here are a few of my ideas.
    1. Remove keep inventory (except /warp pvp).
    2. Remove op items from the vote crate, make the rewards more reasonable for an smp.
    3. Make repairs cost currency or add a cool down (also make it singular use).
    4. Lower diamond and ore rates to increase value and create a bigger challenge.
    5. Remove fly (except for at spawn).
    6. Bring back spawners. No op mobs.
    7. Turn on worldwide pvp, /warp pvp becomes a dueling arena.

    Now all of these ideas are merely hypothetical.
    I am just giving a few of my ideas which I think could bring back the vanilla feel, make the server more challenging and fun.
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  4. Spawners, yes, worldwide pvp, yes, everything else, plain no. I also want the crates to cost less and better items from them.
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  5. Make it hardcore :p

    Remove keep inventory, including pvp

    Make mobs stronger and increase a little bit the spawn rate of the hostile mobs

    Maybe even a cooldown for tpa? make it cost nuggets?

    As Ordaine said, decrease the spawn rate of ores and even maybe, just maybe even animals

    And in conclusion all the things that Ordaine said :)
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  6. Personally i think that cubed lost its touch and it needs some things to be added/removed in order to bring it back to its former glory.

    Increase the difficulty - Lets be honest here, easy is well....easy, i think the difficulty should be increased to at least normal. It would allow players to get items such as chain armor without having to use villagers, plus food would actually mean something other than a wasted inventory slot.

    Crates - In my opinion these should be removed entirely. Every single item in there is ether completely useless, or very overpowered. They really only fit in games like skyblock where resources are limited.

    Voting - If crates were to get removed then i think a better alternative for a voting reward would be some rare items. (for example sea lanterns)

    1.10/1.11 - For smp, both of these updates add some unique items, i think it would be kind of interesting to see these in cubed.

    These are just a few small ideas that i wanted to throw out there, but i think they could help.
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  7. For '3' Maybe the cooldown gets shorter and shorter for each rank, VIP - 30secs, VIP+ - 25secs, MVP - 20secs, MVP+ - 10secs, Pro - 5secs and Pro+ - 0-3 secs? I just think that it will still give higher ranks a purpose of repairing as it gets better and better the better the rank.

    For '5' Just WWHHYYYYYY?!? I understand it will make it have the vanilla aspect to it but I think that that is one of the best perks for ranks is that you are able to fly, I just feel that less people would buy ranks if you do this.

    And now for my bit:
    1. Remove keepInventory
    2. Make crates have a purpose
    3. Make the rank kits a a bit better because the only good stuff you get in them at the moment is the diamonds
    4. Make a 'Sign Customizer' because at the moment if you use color codes then you have to use &2 for example and if you want it to be Bold, Italic and to change color you could only do the first 1/2 letters. Maybe when you place a sign down a book and quill appears that you type what you want on the sign.
    5. The ability to change spawners, but it is hard to do so. So if you wanted a pig spawner then you would have to gather some porkchops a nether star and 1000 nuggets.
    6. Protect blocks. You type something like /protect then right click the block and it will protect it but you can give players permissions.
    7. Plots cost nuggets.
    8. Pro+ get more perks, although you do get more perks than 'Pro' it only adds some more numbers to the homes and pwarps (and adds colored chat) but higher ranks need more perks.
    See you around,
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  8. 1 - I agree.
    2 - I agree.
    3 - I agree.
    4 - I agree.
    5 - I agree.
    6 - I agree.
    7 - I.. don't agree.
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  9. The cooldown would be in terms of hours. Not minutes or seconds.
    This is to deter a reliance on the repair command and force players to use anvils, get more gear and such.
    We aren't looking to make kits more over powered. In terms of kits, the kits we have now would be over powered in a more vanilla feeling cubed.
    One of the reasons we removed protection was to encourage players to join more to check on their areas.
    If your area is protected, you never have to worry about.
    For difficulty, I was thinking going all the way to hard.
    Currently cubed is set to normal.

    Remember all of these are just suggestions.
    However one thing to remember is we will most likely be removing crates and keeping a singular vote crate.
    The main thing we want to do is make sure we bring back the vanilla feel that the server once had.
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  10. so by removing everything cubed has had since the beggining does this just mean it should be renamed aswell? it wouldnt be the same anymore or even remotely close it would just be a completely new survival so why not a new survival name aswell its been done with each skyblock why not with cubed?
  11. Cubed didn't have most of the things it had now in the beginning.
    We've added most of the things it has now within the past few seasons.
  12. personally I think that no fly would be better in the long run. Its like having fly on skyblock. You have more pride in things you do if you work really hard to make them. Without fly it brings back the hours of shifting on ledges and that sounds like fun to me ;P
  13. crates
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  14. I guess everyone thinks my ideas are bad then xD, but RIP cubed chaos if some of these things happen,
    I think everything is okay but just make crates gud.
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  15. The problem with cubed is it no longer a Smp server and likely will never be again. This is due to the shift of the focus, over the last few years, from just cubed to Nirvana as a whole. Not to say this is a bad thing but because cubed is part of Nirvana and only accessible through nirvana it has suffered a loss a players. That there is the reason for the drop in cubed server quality. Simply put without a healthy base of active players and a continuous flow of new players (which are looking solely for a Smp server) cubed is dying.
    While a lot of what has been said above is true about making adjustments to server to make it harder(Changing crates, enabling PVP, removing /repair and /fly) and therefor harder to "complete", will ensure new players who do join are more likely to stay and play. It doesn't change the fact that the server is dying and will continue to die while being strangled by the restraints of being part of network which isn't focus solely on Smp based game play.
  16. I would not disable keepInventory, especially not if the difficulty will get raised. Non-donors do not have /back, and they only have 1 home. If they would accidentally fall in a ravine or something they would lose all their precious items.

    Maybe an alternative to this, would be an option to have a 'personal keepinventory', meaning that players could decided for theirselves whether they want to keep their inventory on death or not. I've coded this myself a while ago, so adding it would only take a few seconds :p
    Agreed, although I do not think the items are that overpowered. The only overpowered items are in the 'premium' crates, and they are just items with enchantmentd above vanilla (Eg. You can't get sharpness 10 in vanilla). I would personally like to see only vanilla enchantments in the next season, and also less tools, weapons and armor in the crates.
    I wouldn't do either of that, but maybe make it cost nuggets, maybe even depending on the amount of items you want to repair (Eg: You have 3 tools in your inventory that need to be repaired, and you do /fix all, it will charge you for repairing the 3 tools.)

    I would do the opposite, cause let's agree, mining is a boring task and for those with very little time (School, real life, and all that sort of stuff), it can be annoying too. Having higher ore spawns but less ores in crates/kits/votes... would make players still go mine every so often, but it wouldn't take away that much of their time.
    Fly is a thing that has made players' lifes so much easier, it helps them with building, looking for areas etc. and I even think this perk is one of the main reasons Cubed players have donated to the server.

    Even though I would really dislike the removal of /fly, if it would get removed, I would only allow players to fly in their own claimed areas (Yes, back to a claiming system, shouldn't be too hard and should also make our jobs easier ;))
    Agreed, but also not entirely. I would bring back the vanilla spawners and allow every player to mine a vanilla spawner, but also have spawners for sale in the store (Eg: iron golem spawner, ...).
    Note: The purchased spawner should be changeable, and the current spawner system should be replaced.
    I think this is a bad idea, as much as it would make it more vanilla, players could get very angry when they keep getting killed by someone who set a /home in their base. It would turn Cubed more in factions, so no please.

    If anything, going back to my claim system idea, the owner of a claim should be able to turn on pvp in his claim. This would allow players to make PvP minigames etc., but still limiting the amount of PvP in the world. (You could also implement a notify: 'You are now entering <player>'s claim with PvP enabled')
    I would personally make a completely new kit system. Donors get access to a few kits by default, but there would also be other kits that are purchaseable with nuggets. The kits would only contain certain items, for example a kit 'Villager' could give some emerals and a kit 'Groot' (You will oonly understand this if you have seen guardians of the galaxy) would give wood building blocks, some logs, and a few saplings.
    As much as I like this idea, it is simply not possible. Minecraft only allows a limited amount of characters on a sign, and the colorcodes on a sign are also considered as characters to the game.
    Like I said earlier, I wouldn't add that ability. We would need a 'Spawner Owner' system again to only allow the owner of a spawner to modify the spawns and then it would still be pretty overpowered.
    There is /lock, /cpublic, /cdonation, /cprivate now already, but I think you mean protecting all types of blocks?
    With the claim system I suggested, that would entirely be possible.
    Awesome! We could have a few plots at spawn, and players can (temporarily) buy these to build a house or shop,...
    I think a Pro+ player already has a lot of perks, but if you'd like to have more perks, do you have any suggestions?
    I completely disagree, nothing is worse for a player finding their base griefed, and because the new players don't always know staff can roll their base back, some even leave the server because of that. Requiring players to check their areas is silly, there are plenty of other ways to encourage players to join more (Daily rewards, playtime rewards, events...)

    So (Also added some more of my own suggestions):
    • BringBackProtection - Having an advanced land claiming system, allowing players to claim areas, invite other players to their claims, allowing to modify PvP, building, block breaking and other flags.. Also only allowing a player to claim a certain amount of chunks (Maybe ranks could claim more :p), and not allowing players to claim chunks right next to someone else unles they have been given permission to do so. Basically, a protection system that works well for everyone, that doesn't require sponges, but just claims some chunks.
    • Personal KeepInventory - Allowing players to decide for theirselves whether they want keepInventory or not, works for everyone.
    • Crates - Crates could spawn somewhere randomly in the world every so often (Only in unclaimed chunks, and make it broadcast the crates' location) and could also be received from voting. When opening a crate, some random items will be in it, which could be:
      • Building Materials - More blocks of common materials, and less for rare materials (For example, 64 cobblestone or 16 sea lanterns)
      • Some ores, but limited
      • Nuggets (Yes indeed, you could get nuggets from crates :eek:)
      • Armor with only 1, yet a rare enchantment. For example, a diamond chestplate with mending, so players would still have to gather protection books to make it actually useful.
      • ...
    • Custom Kit system, possible in a gui, having specific kits for ocean blocks, wood, stone, tools, weapons... (Also not too op, but still worth donating for or paying nuggets for)
    • More custom, less default, but more unique commands etc. (I will PM Wubs some suggestions, or make some myself)
    • Weekly Events - This could be a dragon event, a PvP tournament, a building contest, ... All events would be announced on a sign/hologram in spawn, and would also be broadcast a few times. The events could be hold by the staff team.
    • Amplified, ore maybe even completely custom terrain. Awesome looking world(s, maybe even have a custom nether and end ;)), that give a 'wow" effect but still with good terrain to build on: (Big flat areas, etc.)
    • Higher ore spawns - Still requiring players to go mine, but less often than in vanilla.
    • ... (I'll add more ideas if I can think of any)

    Meh, doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me, lol. Building things with fly is just more efficient, and it would still make me just as proud as if I would've build something without /fly.

    Love you Komo :D I hope all ideas will be put into consideration for the next cube :p

    And, oh, this post looks like a realy long one, if you've read it entirely, good job, you're now officially amazing (Or not..)
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  17. Simple solution, give non donors /back xD
    The point is to make players less reliant on /repair. It will still be there, but it would make players more dependent on getting more gear and having more sets instead of focusing on making a single god set.
    Hence a more vanilla feel.
    Claiming is a bad system entirely. What I was thinking is a toggleable pvp. /pvp off, /pvp on.
    That stops players from camping, lets new players go on building if they do not want to fight.

    The main goal of this is to bring back a vanilla feel, add more of a challenge.
    We are trying to get away from the pay to win and crate reliant.

    What I honestly want to see is players running around with leather gear. Diamonds are actually worth what a diamond should be.
    Player running around fighting, working together.
    Making it easier and easier and faster and faster is just going to make people rush into things and get bored faster.
    I want to see "yay! I found diamonds!", not "lul I mined an hour and got a stack of diamond blocks."
  18. Not everyone wants that. The purpose of this thread is to give our opinions about what we like and dislike on the current cubed.

    While you're saying "Simple Solution", that would require taking away a donor perk, while what I said would work for everyone.
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  19. Donor perks have been added over the past few seasons. We can easily rework the donor perks.
    The players that actively play cubed want most of the things I have suggested.
    Fly will probably still be a thing, but from my general census, most players want a HARDER cubed versus and easier cubed.
  20. Ok so this thread is obviously going nowhere. So let me give everyone a basis. Singleplayer vanilla. What to add or change. Dont think about cube. Cube doesnt exist as far as this hypothetical question goes. What would you change about vanilla singleplayer that would make it an enjoyable smp to play with your friends? As an example, I personally would protect all things in the end and nether aside from chests and mobs. (nether protected up to a certain point) because I love a clean end and nether. Its never fun warping and seeing trash pillars and all of the obby towers gone.

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