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What team are you in Pokemon go?

  1. Team Mystic

  2. Team Valor

  3. Team Instinct

  4. 2Cool4PokemonGo

  5. #TeamBleach

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  1. Pokemon Go. One of the biggest apps to ever hit mobile games. So I thought I would ask out of curiosity, what team are you? If you want to, leave a reply of your level and best pokemon. Personally, I am in team Mystic, level 17, my best pokemon is an 1143cp vaporeon (Yes, I know I suck at the game). If you don't play pokemon go, this thread is completely useless to you but I wish you all to have a good day.

  2. lvl 12 i got 2 arcanines and 3 rapidashs as my top cp pokemon
  3. lvl 14, highest cp is vaporeon
  4. Team valor! lvl 10 highest cp pidgeyoetl
  5. Team Valor, lvl 28, Highest CP, 2146 Snorlax
  6. Where's the Team Bleach?
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  7. Yo Alkiri, lets make team bleach o:
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  8. I'm in! I'm in!!! Get me out of Pokemon Go Group!!
  9. K. it's a thing.

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