Please More Hoppers :3

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Blu3Slim38, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. I found on my island that I have over 50 hoppers, although I only use 1 hopper if it's necessary.
    I really believe it should be 50 hoppers per person.. or just 100 hoppers per island.. 50 is a lil low :3
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  2. Agreed, mobs are cool and all but you can buy there drops from the shop and there are other ways to get xp. The hopper limit is very low and really, and I mean like seriously really needs to be raised. I can't do anything on my island especially with 3 people all trying to share hoppers. It's not easy nor is it fun to play cause you can't do things that you want to. This has been requested so many times that it just needs to be raised. It's quite annoying having to deal with it so please please please raise it to a higher amount that is more functionally fit for a large island with 4 people on it. Thanks!! <3

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  3. Yeah, but you know they trying to fix the lag in skyblock and the Developers trying many things and this is one of them :)
  4. Well I mean why would you need so many hoppers? water streams are wayyyyyyyyy more cheaper and are just as good as hoppers, water stream + only 1 hopper = less server lag :)
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  5. @Mr_Buttermen @BarkySharky i understand that, and my entire Pumpkin farm is water stream until you get to the storage, because of such a small hopper limit and that I have to share my island with 2 other people my storage system fills up in 4 hours or less and i can't prevent that because i reached the limit. And also if I wanted to do anything else with just one hopper i can't without sacrificing another dub chest of space for one hopper. This low of a hopper limit is aggravating and annoying and I'm sure A LOT of sky block players can agree with me. Sure it helps with lag but such a low limit destroys the player experience especially when you are trying to build something that requires 2 or 3 hoppers and can't because you have to share 50 hoppers with 3+ people. Its not very easy to do and i'm certainly not happy that because of it i can't do any builds that I wish to do.
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  6. well with 50 hoppers that 50 dubs so yeah xD its a joke
  7. Not when you have separate farms so we use our own money to expand our farms when we wish
  8. 50/4 cutting the remainder is 12 hoppers each person. Assuming one hopper is used for collection, that's 12 x 5 x 64 x 2 cash in your hoppers and 12 x 6 x 9 x 64 x 2 cash in your double chests. This adds up to 7680 + 82944 cash all together, leading to a total of 90k total cash from a full inventory. Considering that there's a 1000 piston limit on the server per island, I really don't see why you would need that much more hoppers.
  9. So that's mean this is a challenge, you don't like challenges? :p
  10. Right, there are some people tht have millions of $ and if they get 200k they're like "only got 200k"
  11. Guys, I've reached 50 hoppers.. and I share my island with another person. Meaning neither of us can add any more auto farms... Meaning we can't really progress further.

    Is that fun?
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  12. Try to use water waves instead of water :)
  13. How did you use 50 hoppers? I'm just curious
  14. No Barkey mean by that that he want to know for what he used the hoppers :) like farms and stuff
  15. Yeah!
  16. @BarkySharky i use them for farms and others things like my Fancy Pants Casino and some other things.
  17. Try to use water streams instead of hoppers for your farms :)
  18. Mr Butter, you have to use atleast one hopper per farm, you do understand that right?
    Also they did increase it to 70 I believe.
  19. Yeah...

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