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  1. I bought items(2×50000 Nuggets) on 3rd August
    But I still haven't had received items
    and I tried to contact you many times but I still haven't had received your answer and items
    so I contacted paypal for charge back
    then you banned me from your server (by console) reason is charge back
    That's a bit much
    Please check it as soon as possible
    Please release banned
  2. I do not have access to the support email.
    However I have received zero messages on the matter. There have been zero posts on the forums about it.There have also been zero posts on our discord support about it.

    The two you contacted haven't been on the forums in almost 2 years.
    I've also heard zero about this even from staff on the server.
    Chargebacks always result in a perm ban from the server as well as buycraft.

    "Just as a general advisory, this is generally true across the entire internet. If you do a chargeback through your credit card, you are sending the message that it was an unauthorized transaction. The company that receives this notice will, in virtually all cases, ban the account. One of the reasons they do this is that a chargeback usually comes with a fine (when I was dealing with online transactions, our fee was somewhere around $45 per chargeback). Another reason they do it is because they have to assume the credit card is stolen, and they don't want any further chargebacks or fraudulent transactions.

    Lastly, even if they know the transaction isn't fraudulent but was used as a form of resolution of a dispute, they aren't going to want to do business with someone who uses chargebacks as a tactic."

    The only thing you really can do is reverse the chargeback and notify us.
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  4. If I canceled the charge back, Are you going to release banned ?

    I bought items(2×50000 Nuggets) on 3rd August
    But I still haven't had received items.
    Can you check it?
  5. Well you definitely aren't going to get the items or unbanned until something is done about the chargeback lol.
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  6. I'm unable to get the game items.
    So I have to file this case to get protection by PayPal.
    After I created the PayPal case. PayPal contacted you many times.
    Now the money refunded to me because you didn't response on the PayPal case.

    I only create a PayPal case. not a chargeback case.
    Now I can't access the game after filed dispute on PayPal.
    If you give me the item as soon as I pay, I won't create PayPal case to you.
    Please understand.
    Please activate my account and let me can access to your server.
    If there is no problem, I will re purchase.
    Please have a check and reply to me.
    Thank you in advance.

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