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Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Mr_Buttermen, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. So guys, I've got a perm banned, btw it is because of a Charge back and nothing else, my mother made that charge back from my paypal account because of a big financial problems , soooo, what I am trying to tell you is that I wont be able to get into the server for probably a long time :(

    I'll still be active in the forums tho :)

    One more thing, some of you know William11112 and he got a VIP, I bought it for him, and because of the charge back he got banned too, so please @MrSuperSweet I am asking William to get unbanned! it is not his fault!

    @William111112 I want you to see this and I hope you understand :( I am really sorry friend!
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    NOOO RIP Butter and Willy :(
  3. Its okay man i really hope super sees this and unbans you too
  4. I am more worried about William, it is not his fault, he should get unbanned :(
  5. <3 <3 <3

    I love you so much willy, and ye I already talked to super and I wont get unbanned.
  6. :-:
  7. Wait so I don't get it. You took your rank back so you got banned?? Shouldn't you have just lost your rank??
  8. First it wasent me, second no, in any kind of server, if you charge backing something you'll get banned.

    Imagine that, someone played for a while in the server and he can just buy a rank and whenever he want he can just get the money back and play, it is like a rank sub for free.
  9. I said I, I don't know what about you :(
  10. Hey guys!
    First off it sucks your mom charged back. Unfortunately our system automatically permanently bans for chargebacks. This is because you have used the goods fully, and then taken away the money you gave. Imagine eating at a restaurant, ordering a hamburger, eating it, paying for it. Coming back a month later and taking the money back. Of course you will never be allowed in that restaurant again.

    William11112 is a special case because I can see that Mr_Buttermen did buy it for you, so I will unban you but I will be removing your rank.

    As for you Mr_Buttermen, I can undo the ban if the chargeback is canceled, seeing as they have not fully gone through paypal.
  11. okay thank you super
  12. I absolutely understand that.

    It'll be a problem for me for the next couple of weeks and maybe months, but I hope I could pay back the money that I charged back.

    Super, I cant thank you enough, you've probably heard that but I have to say it, you're the best, you, the developers, the staff and the Cygnus, you all doing a amazing job in this server and I am %100 sure that this server will be one of the best!

    Thank you so much for understanding me

    <3 <3 <3
  13. Wowxa, this sucks dude. Ugh, maybe someone can buy Butter his rank again?
  14. I really hope you can get this situation sorted out, I hate seeing players get perm banned, especially ones like you. That are active, kind and are always happy to help. <3
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  15. Thank you <3 but I'll still be active in the forums as much as I was before since I really love this community and server :)
  16. It's quite clear that the community loves you back <3<3<3
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  17. @Mr_Buttermen that really sucks and i hope you can get unbanned soon because everyone can see how kind and sincere you are.
  18. Super needs to give you a scholarship to the server :D
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  19. Don't have much to say but <3

    What are you mean?
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