Ore workers on skyblock???

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by daniel2003daniel, Jun 12, 2016.


Do you think ore workers should be added to the nugget shop on skyblock.

  1. Yes, I think that ore workers should be added with a nerf to them compared to the other workers.

  2. No, I think that the current workers in the nugget shop are fine and that it should stay as is.

  1. Hey I know that you guys have been implementing a lot of stuff into skyblock recently and now that you can earn nuggets for pie on skyblock I was wondering if you could add ore workers into the shop. Now, I know that ore workers are much better and more useful than other workers (sand cobble wood) but maybe you guys could put a 60 sec ore worker into the shop for 10K nuggets instead of a 30 sec ore worker like the other ones. It would be great if someone could get back to me on this idea.

  2. Noice idea, maybe the ore worker should cost more? yes? no?
  3. Yes Mr_Buttermen that would also work out.
  4. woah woah woah woah you want a 30 second ore worker or a 60 second ore worker? the ones in the shop for 50$ are 3 minute ore workers and 10k nuggets is 10$ on the site this should not be implemented ever this is a giant ripoff for those who already purchased for 50$ 3 minute workers here youd get one that works triple better and costs 5 times less
  5. Handler I was just referring prices I think that if it were to be implemented the staff would make sure to put a reasonable price
  6. the only reasonable price would be 80k nuggets to match their store prices if you do the math
  7. Handler is having point here, we need to the prices
  8. True, so maybe it could cost 80K nuggets who knows?
  9. 1 nugget seems pretty balanced to me.

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