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  1. I was in the nether building... when i did /is go everything was fine but then out of no where invisible pigman glitch came and killed me twice how i know it was pigman coz only pigmans can kill you in 4 hits i tryd to do F3+B to see its hitbox and there was none and when i diedd i lost 1 iron sword, 7 gold sword and one diamond pickaxe AGAIN and it had Eff 4, Unb 3, fortune 2 and this is my 3rd pic goes to this pigman glitch. so now i will ask you kindly fix this NOW coz i am not the only one who dies this way and give me my pickaxe back coz this is out of control i lose all my stuff to this glitch i am not even talking about what i had else. Fixing this glitch is now should be your 1st priority coz how many players will die in this glitch!?
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  2. I hate when this happens in general.
  3. I apologize that this happened to you, but as it is the holidays and many staff are out. This won't be able to be looked in to for several days.
    Can you please provide more accurate information on this issue as well as any proof of the incident if possible.
  4. Well proof is impossible to show coz that "ghost" has logic of other mobs, so it dispawns over time, but sometimes it doesn't, but i can proof next time i die if you could add the thing that it will tell a player with what he died and i will take a screen shot of that and show you that there is no mobs to be seen and after death mobs should dispawn but this one doesn't.
  5. Staff will try to help, but they cannot do much in returning items. Not a lot of servers can help without solid proof. It's not that they don't believe you, but they just don't want to get a lot of people claiming different things. I would expect the staff / Wubs to return your needed items but I don't think they can do much other things.
  6. Aren't they can just roll back the inventory or something like that? :/
  7. CoreInspect isn't on Skyblock, so there are no rollbacks.
  8. lol then they should add this CoreInspect thingy to skiblock :)
  9. It really isn't needed as griefing can't really take place. Inventories also cannot be rolled back.
  10. Well I think they can, remember when you gave us the Comp chests? and then wubs rolled back the inventories?
  11. i found the real reason why this is happening to me... i found out with my friend in the skype call... we were talking and she saw while i was dieing she saw that pigmans in the nether are following me when i am in the overworld so nether is broken that pigmans see me in the nether and hits my ghost there and i get damaged in the overworld

    its hard to explain but this is the bes i could
  12. Lol Nirvana only rolls back items on CC and that's it. I lost my stuff in this one game. I provided screenshots of how I died and of my inventory and they couldn't roll it back. Don't make excuses lol they only roll back stuff on CC. Also the bug is still there.
  13. I don't know how clear was your proof, but they are rolling back just if you get a clear clear proof, not a stinky one
  14. It honestly sounds like you are lagging. This is the first time I have ever heard of this issue on any server.
    Are you using /back?
  15. Me? No when i am done with the nether i do /is go or use portal and suddenly i am dead

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