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  1. As many long time members can remember, I LOVE complaining about nuggets!!! So what am I whining about now? Availability. In the past, I complained about them being TOO easy to get. Now it's quite the opposite. Nuggets are too hard to get. Sure you can get them in PvP. But not everyone likes PvP (I'm actually one of those people now, I know its ironic) But, pumpkin pies in sky block! You're probably thinking. What if you just got the game and aren't good at making 4000 pies an hour farms. You're out of luck. Case in point. Here's how I think nugget availability should be tweaked.

    The hub. It used to be you could get nuggets from thing such as parkour, Easter eggs, and mazes. But now that's gone. And it should come back.

    Challenges in skyblock aside from money quests, there should be special nugget quests.

    Cubes Chaos, I've Been on cubed chaos for almost 3 years, I know this may sound unorthodox, but hear me out. Challenges

    You heard me right. Challenges but instead of items you get nuggets. For example: Get 100 cocoa beans, would give you a 50 nugget reward.

    Money-to-nuggets in prison and sky block I'm starting with prison, I think the M2N conversion rate should be 10Mil for 50 nuggets. And in sky block it should be the opposite of the Nuggets to money conversion rate.

    PvP. While pretty good nugget wise, it should be improved. Kills Streak nuggets. Since everyone has equal gear, killstreaks can be tough to get and keep. So here's an idea: 50 nuggets every ten kills in a kill streak.

    These are just some suggestions though. Hope you like and emplement them!
  2. I really like the origanility in some of your ideas. I also must agree that there should be more ways (Therefore not easy ways) to earn nuggets :)
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  3. I 100% agree

    these Ideas are very original and are unique with the fact it won't break anything

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