Nuggets are returning to Nirvana

Discussion in 'News' started by Wubs, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Hey, guys! I've got some exciting news.
    This week, Nuggets have been added back into Nirvana!


    Nuggets are our Network wide currency. They can be used to purchase cosmetics' game events plus few other things in your favorite games. Over the next few weeks I will be adding more things to purchase with nuggets. Such as, a full particle system complete with wings, trails and more. If you have any ideas for cool things you want to spend nuggets on, please let us know.
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  2. Great!

    Maybe make that you can buy plots in creative using nuggets? Even tho they will be needed to cost a lot thought
  3. So many bugs, and you decide to add in nuggets, something no one really uses, and no one asked for. Just what it feels like
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  4. Several different things here.
    1. You have been banned for quite some time (Just bought an unban today). So that being said, since there are "so many bugs," please list some of these "bugs" so they can be fixed.
    2. We have been wanting to reintroduce nuggets back to Nirvana for quite sometime and they should also be incorporated into most games (including cubed) very soon.
    3. Players have asked quite often when nuggets would be returning and now... here they are! :p

    Wubs is working on all kinds of cool cosmetics to purchase with them. You will be able to buy other useful things in the other gamemodes (skyblock, cubed, crusade).

    *If you have any ideas for cool things you want to spend nuggets on, please let us know.*
  5. Maybe make it so you can buy Orbs on the parkour server that give u a second life (They would be expensive tho)
  6. And maybe in Towny (&Cubed) being able to get nuggets from quests
  7. I was only banned for about a week, and I still was active on the forums. No one has asked for Nuggets back. I hope you can do some cool and intresting things with nuggets, good luck :) Its just Nuggets didn't impact almost anything before.
  8. Alot of people asked for nuggets...
  9. Ok, not on forums tho
  10. @RedstoneUSA report any bugs you found in the bugs section.

    However, for nuggets, keep an eye out for the Funzone making its was back this weekend or early next week!
  11. I asked for nuggets 7/24.
  12. Please add a selling system to the funzone. I accidentally bought a 2000 worth nugget trail, and I can't undo it D:
  13. Selling system would be weird, but maybe you can try ask someone in the game to get your nuggets back and remove the trail that you bought :)

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