Nugget mine in the Hub

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by LordFlower, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hello there :D
    Like the most of you know (I think), there is a nugget mine in the hub and i have a few suggestions for it:
    1. Maybe make it so you get more nuggets how higher your rank is
    e.g: No rank:1 nugget, Vip: 2 nuggets, Vip+:3 nuggets,Mvp: 4 nuggets, etc
    2. Maybe add boosters that you can buy and activate whenever you want
    3. Maybe add pickaxe upgrades (I knows this is kinda like the game Gold Rush that used to be on Nirvana :p)
    These were my suggestions, if you guys have any be sure to comment them :D
  2. To be honest I don't see why they actually should work on the Nugget mine xD
  3. Because no one uses it and because its so bad, you have to mine for ages if you want to get some nuggets
  4. I think adding a nugget multiplier will be too Op :/
  5. Just mentioning, the nugget mine in the hub was meant as some small game, not to farm nuggets. And what you said was pretty much the Cavers game ;)

    It'd be cool to have a bigger version of this game again like the good old gold rush once was though :p
  6. Yea the nugget mine in the hub isn't supposed to be anything other than what you see. It isn't meant to be this super over powered way to farm nuggets.
  7. I know but right now its kinda there and no one uses it
  8. To be honest I "play" it sometimes xD And even the sheep shooter
  9. That is kind of silly to say. I see a lot of players use it xD
    A lot of staff use it as well when we hang out in the hub.

    Who knows, maybe wubs will reinvent the old nugget mine :p

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