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  1. Personally, I love Nirvana, but let's face it Nirvana is dying, not only that Minecraft itself is. In no way is this meant for harm. But let's face it, I only see about 1 staff on a at a time, games have been removed and the player counts haven't been this low for a while. On top of that there's a consistent 50% off sale meaning, the server probably isn't making as much money. There's also nothing new. Maybe if towny was still a thing a lot of people would still play. I remember player counts on the server alone being from 100-150 (If I remember correctly) Most of those players were mostly Skyblock or Cube players. Here's another example, one of the most popular servers starting with an "M" (no advertisement) used to get 20,000 consistent players on at a time about a year ago. Now it's almost getting 20,000 players on the weekend. Again no hate to anyone but Nirvana needs something new to draw in more players.

    Thanks for reading
  2. why compare this server to a big server? this is meant to be a small server it always has been a small server and towny didnt make any money it wouldve killed itself off not to mention other complications with it yes theres not been much of anything new and yes there has been servers taken down but that isnt the staffs fault Wubs has been busy with other things and the dev for crusade was also busy so he couldnt fix any bugs off of it and with the 0 playerbase most servers had they eventually were shut down to keep costs down so that the rest could still stay up

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