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  1. What’s going on everyone! What a crazy week of cookie crafting it has been.
    Let’s get started with this week's updates.

    Staff Changes!
    • TurnipThePenguin has resigned from staff.
    • DarkBlade25 has resigned from staff for personal reasons.
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Lone Survivor Applications are currently on hold as the forums are still under development.
    We will update everyone when applications are open again on

    If you would like to apply for staff on Lone Survivor, please fill out the regular staff application on our Nirvana Forums using the above link.

    • Note: Please specify in the “Anything extra you would like to add?” question that you are applying for Lone Survivor only.

    New Hub!


    Welcome to the “New” Hub of Nirvana.

    We have brought back the 2014 map as our “new” spring hub.

    • Be sure to check out the mini PvP area and battle with your friends. It’s great fun!
    Pets, Hats and the other funzone abilities are currently disabled while the server is getting updated.

    This new hub is just the start to the updates the server is undergoing.
    The entire core of Nirvana was redone during the week. All of the current game modes will be receiving some much needed attention.



    Prison now has its own developer assigned to the server.

    Within the next few weeks, it will be getting a nice overhaul.
    We already have a nice list of bugs and glitches that need to be fixed. However, if you find any bugs while playing. Please post them in the bugs section of the forums here.

    When posting, there isn’t necessarily a proper format. Please include the following information.
    • What you were doing when you found the bug/glitch.
    • A brief explanation of the bug/glitch.

    Lone Survivor!

    All ranks purchased on Lone Survivor between February 8th and the 22nd have been transferred to the new Lone Survivor server.

    A brand new rank has been introduced to Lone Survivor.

    - The Pro rank -

    This rank is the highest purchasable donor rank. It includes a few of the following perks:

    • Tier 5 Starter Kit
    • 30% Elo Buff
    • Death Sign - Drops a sign at the location of your death
    Click here to check out this new rank as well as the other items available on the Lone Survivor store.

    Cubed Chaos Cookie Challenge!


    Phew that was a quick week!
    Congratulations! Over the course of the past week, over 1 million cookies were crafted!

    The reward for this challenge is the Cookie Crate.

    The Cookie Crate is brand new voting style crate on Cubed Chaos which includes a bunch of amazing items that are related to our favorite thing… Cookies!

    Some of these new items include:

    • The Cookie Pickaxe - Efficiency 25 Pickaxe
    • The Cookie Sword - Unbreaking 50 Diamond Sword
    To unlock this crate, you will need a Cookie Crate key. To receive this key, you have to vote.
    Do not fret! You can get both the Vote Key and Cookie Crate Key from voting.
    There is a 50% chance to get the Cookie Crate Key and a 50% chance to get the Vote Key as a voting reward.

    That is all for this week's updates. If you have any questions, please message any available member of staff.
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  2. What a busy week :D
  3. Hey, I helped with the cookies :D (albeit not a lot, but 10k is good amount)
  4. @Narnia Who is the new Prison Dev because I have to talk to him about alot...
  6. It was a simple question Ordaine.
  7. I'd like to not name names to save a lot of @ spam to that certain dev. It is easier and faster to make a post under bugs and link either narnia or I so we can review it.
    If it isn't already on the list, we can forward it to the dev in our management chats.

    Again it is just to save unnecessary spam.
  8. Yeah I guess that makes sense, I've seen that you get a ton of spam on just about every new post :O

    Guess thats what happens what you're a Admin+ and CM and everyone loves you ;)
  9. Eh I don't mind the spam. The devs also don't have a lot of time to check the forums and reply so it just saves them time as well :p
  10. GG with the cookies challenge! :D any more challenges soon? :p
  11. Thank you very much kitty for this update <3

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