Nirvana is dying? Concerns for the server

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by MrMurt, Aug 8, 2015.


Should we add more voting websites?

  1. Yes, It is crucial for the server's life.

  2. No, it is a very bad idea and we should never listen to this guy again.

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  1. Hello,
    I am to discuss a "thing" I read while playing in Nirvana, "Nirvana is dying, it lost most of it's original players" "People quit because of the hackers" "Remember skyblock Frost?" The two main problem I picked up while reading these people's texts are: not much people join Nirvana anymore & hackers. So what I think we should do about the "not much players" is... The voting website, in may opinion voting websites are a big factor to advertising, the voting website Nirvana has in my opinion is a stub, we should add more voting websites so we have more chance of getting noticed and the voting rewards should also be increased so players are more encouraged to vote. Now its about the hackers my solution is to perm ban them so they won't come back and ruin the fun but it is not up to me. This thread was to show my concerns for the life of this server.

    Thank you.
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  2. It seems most of the original players, or at least some, have already left. Although, Skyblock is attracting more viewers thanks to Logdotzip. It seems the most of the pkayerbase is coming from Skyblock. If there wasn't Skyblock, the whole server would only reach ~40 or 50 players on a good day.
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  3. I agree with you there but the top count of players Nirvana had was 400+ and that was 2 months ago. *we are lucky to have skyblock*
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  4. Your'e right :/

    I joined the server because of the vote website :)
  5. Thanks for your concern, we are aware of the smaller numbers we are getting which is our fault for not fixing bugs, and getting our new games out. Some of the older players are leaving probably because they are bored of nirvana right now but I can tell you we have some stuff coming out that should attract more players. I'm willing to bet a lot of these older players come back when we add more things.

    Now for the hackers, perma banning them when we are a smaller server is not the greatest idea because we could lose a potential long time player. I have seen players who were banned come back and be quality players for the server.

    Overall I would look at this period of time not as nirvana dieing, but a small slope down before we start rising back up. I can understand that as a player it can be easy to assume these sorts of things when you guys aren't aware of what's going on behind the scenes.

    The best has yet to come for nirvana.
  6. 2 months ago? Was that the release of Skyblock or Cubed Chaos? I remember a lot of traffic for both, but I don't recall 400 players.
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  7. Our highest player count is recorded to be around 320. Skyblock and cubed are both the main attractions currently. With Skyblock reaching to 100 and cubed reaching up to 45.

    I know, the player base has gotten thin but Nirvana always has surprises. ;)

    we do truly apologise for delays of games, fixes and events. But we promise in the future there's cool things to come that'll be worth the wait.
  8. I agree on most of the things you said. I am kind of an old player, 8 months, and I am kind of bored of Nirvana due to the lack of new content, like Arcade, and not fixing existing bugs such as Zombies, etc.

    As for the hackers part, I don't recall ever seeing a hacker who has come back and become a 'quality' player. The only hacker, or used to be hacker, I see online these days is Bonez but people still believes that he/she hacks. Every other hacker that has been on this server that got banned either came back and hacked more or never came back at all.

    True, we players don't know what is going on behind the scenes. That is why we make assumptions because no one is shedding light on the situation. Previous times, dates were promised for the release of the new game modes. I recall Super or someone saying that Skywars would be released in July, and same with Arcade being released on a Saturday in May. I know that the devs are working extra hard tomake it bug free and make it the absolute best for us players to experience, but I'd love it if someone just gave us updates here on the forums on what is going on and how the developmnt process is going.
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  9. I think on a good day, Skyblock (west, mystic, forest) will bring in at least 100 players or so. (I remember Forest always being full), Cubed Chaos wil bring in 25-45 players, Crusade would have ~25-35 players, and Creative would have less than 10 players.
    The average would be around 175 then on a good day. Even more if I'm underestimating Skyblock and Cubed.
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  10. Perm ban, the staff are practically hugging the hackers on the server (no offence <3) they ban a hacker for a short amount of time and next thing on the forums "I'm so sowwy I hacked plzz unban me I didnt mean it" and what do you know, make a ban appeal and boom they're back, either
    1: get rid of ban appeal and let them wait for they're ban to be done as they need to be punished or...

    2: keep ban appeal and add perm bans, hackers should never be brought back to the server, and if a person griefs on CC 10 times and get banned each 10 times just fricken' perm ban them. Every week I'm playing CC or Sky and next minute somebody comes in saying "hacker on crusade" how about nirvana first start working on getting a better anti cheat system before they invite new players that will quit because of hackers/ griefers
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  11. 99% of hackers have either left the server or come back and hack more, maybe more people would play if there were no hackers! #outwithhackers
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  12. I don't think there should be perm bans unless it is 10 horrible griefs but what if those 10 bans were false(I'm going to get perm banned because of of co i bugs xD)? Hackers deserve longer bans everytime they do it but I don't think there should perm bans but that's just me.

    We need more voting sites on the more popular websites. I get a servers from those websites and I just learned about FunMinecraft.
  13. I can understand getting accidentaly banned once maybe even twice but 10 times lol
  14. Glad to see you agree.
    My idea is we could perm ban hackers but we also give them 2 chances, if they get perm banned the could appeal and they would lose 1, then if they get perm banned the second time their done. We perm ban clear hackers, but if the subject has suspicious fighting we could temp ban them. I do not know if you can understand my story but if it's hard to understand I'm sorry because my writing skills are bad.
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  15. I understand. There are many clear hackers, or at least before, that never even got banned cause staff didn't want to deal with it. I asked some staff members to help and they just said "file a report" even though /report didn't work at the time. They clearly knew something was going on but they cba to help. Going back on topic, there are sometimes hackers that come back every single time just to hack more and ruin player's experience on the server. They need to either a) Temp ban them longer or b) Perm ban them. No hacker is going to come back and say "sorry, i won't hack anymore" and play as a normal player. >Same with scammers/griefers, but that's another story<
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  16. In your case you said you never saw a hacker coming back being a quality player but Kurt did.
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  17. #permbanforhackersbecausetheyarn'tnicepeople
  18. Perm ban yes. But what if they are actually innocent? That's why I suggested a 2 chance perm ban something...
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  19. Why was Qwantum demoted?
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  20. why wouldn't they? How many people have made a ban appeal because they got falsly accused of hacking, the only ban appeals from hackers are "im sowwy i hacken thee serwer i didnt wean it"
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