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  1. Explanation: Alright so i've been thinking. Basically I have been wondering and wanted a new way to ban hackers if you aren't sure of the punishment or if their cheating at all. So basically what i've thought of is "Screen Sharing" Or something along those lines.

    How it works
    If a staff is not sure if a player is using cheats or not what they do is they either have a command to freeze them and basically makes it so their frozen in once place. Can't move and is not able to be hit in case people want to kill them while they are frozen. So they /freeze (might be command) them and then they join they have a new lounge called something along the lines of "Screen Sharing Room" or something like that. A staff that froze them or a staff that is ready to Screen share tells them why they are having to Screen Share (This could be different just a suggestion). If they admit to hacking they get a shorter ban. The usual 2 weeks if they are found guilty without admitting.

    How you get Screen Shared (SS'D)
    So the player found suspicious will join Teamspeak. The person doing the Screen share will tell them the punishment guidelines and then they have a few moments to explain or admit. If they don't admit the staff will tell them to open a "" and the staff will tell them where to go in their .minecraft. If they are found with Spook or Vape kind of file punished for hacking. First off they will start by opening Minecraft and pressing F3. If they have some sort of un-specified version of Minecraft that is not allowed. We will question the player and verify it is allowed or not allowed. If they didn't know and be totally honest they will not be banned for the normal amount of time if found guilty with no explanation banned for normal time for the type of punishment and how ever long. We will check your .minecraft files in case of any unapproved mod or version of minecraft. Once found clean or guilty we will either punishment or they will be sent back to their time on Nirvana!

    Commands: /freeze (Staff Only)
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    Well, I'm going to be honest with you, as a staff, it can sometimes be hard to know for sure if a player was hacking or not. And since we only ban if we are 100% sure, some hackers may be ignored while they actually have an unfair advantage. In case a false ban ever happens, the banned person may always appeal and when the proof is not sufficient enough the player will be unbanned.

    Even though I know that your idea would be a solution to this, it would also come with a few cons:
    1. A player was frozen, but wasn't hacking, and has to go away very soon, so he is unable to screenshare and therefore gets banned
    2. Would take up a lot of time, both from player's and staff, which will be annoying
    3. Falsely frozen (most likely new) players may lose their intrest in the server due to "bad staff"
    4. Some extremely good players may be "Targeted" by staff members
    5. Or, last scenario, something like this happens:

    For the reasons stated above, I would say no to the idea above. I think our staff team is professional enough to determine if a player is hacking or not.
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  3. That seems like a lot for just proving something...what if there are 3 hackers and 1 staff member...people will never do that
  4. Screen sharing has always been a ridiculous way to prove if someone is hacking or not.
    It is a huge waste of time and our staff are trained to know the signs of a hacker.

    By the time you get a single player to screen share and go through the whole process, we could have stopped 5 more.

    Also pointing out the fact that most hackers are beyond blatant... There is nothing wrong with our current system whatsoever.
    Seeing as proof is also REQUIRED for each and every ban, there is an extremely low margin of false bans.

    We record and ban. No wasted time and a lot of the time we can also get several hackers at once.
  5. Not all bans. For some reason you ban for someone just claiming to be Dalm, without any questioning or proof.
  6. We don't ban without question or reason. We do a number of checks before we ban.
  7. A mod told me that if someone claimed to be Dalm, it would be an instant perm ban, no questions asked.
  8. After I messed around with an hacked client I found out there is something called "Panic" which when you use that it just turn off everything and everything and it looks like you are using a normal client even with a screen share :p
  9. Not with screen share. That shows files and mods installed
  10. Not true, like ordaine said we check to make sure that it is actually Dalm or DumE, and not just someone wasting our time.
  11. Wow ok, I remember a mod told me it was an instant ban, no matter what. Guess it's changed :D

  12. Would be great for Xrayers
  13. its easy to spot someone with x-ray
  14. Well I was falsely banned, I could have prevented it with the screen share system
  15. its easy to catch xray hackers even with just co i theres absolutely no need for screensharing
  16. We will not be using screen sharing for anything.
    It is a waste of time and a violation of privacy.
    All of our bans require valid proof, so we watch a player until we are 100% sure.

    If you feel a ban is false, that is what appealing is for.
    Most appeals are denied due to the fact we have 100% valid proof.
    Sorry but "Falsely banned" is a matter of opinion. Based on the proof we gather, it doesn't look that way to us which is why a ban was used in the first place.
  17. I think this system should be used only when you find x-ray hackers :) Since the staff can be mistaken sometimes (rarely)
  18. As I said, it is an invasion of privacy and we are not going to become one of those servers that force players to screen share.
    We are never going to implement screen sharing as it goes against what we believe in as staff.
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  19. Yep, I can see that happening to me
  20. I agree with the principal, but you don't force them to screen share. You only ask them to screen share when you are 99.9% positive they are hacking, and screen sharing is just an option for them to proof their innocence.

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