New Stuff! 6/5/2016

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    - Added Nuggets and a nugget shop to most game modes!
    - Added /Funzone to all servers
    - Added a Kill regen to PvP
    - Fixed Combat logging = Death on Ls
    - Added a 2 new hat unlocks, one on Cubed, and one secret ;)
    - Daily login rewards 50 nuggets per day, plus 5 extra for every day in a row! up to 250 per day
    - Votes for nuggets 250 per vote, 500 a day!
    - Added /Vote to the hub
    - Pro+ Pre sale!
  2. I think you forgot the Pro+ rank.... :3
  3. oops! fixed! thanks buttermen
  4. @Wubs add a nugget trading system, when you can either give nuggets to someone, either trade it to something from the funzone or a CC/SB/LS item or WE or VX for 30 mins on Creative
  5. I remember someone suggested it before to add a /pay system for the nuggets but someone had a good reason why not to add it :/ I don't remember what was the reason thought :p
  6. Because back when that was semi-possible back in crusade, people would spam the chat with "GIMME NUGGETS PLLZZZZ" And then scanners arose like Dillonh (who still owes me 200k nuggets) and overall it decreased the experience for dedicated players (like me) because some people just become wealthy through scamming/handouts
  7. is lone survivor ever coming back?
  8. No.
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  9. Pls fam,such good gamemode

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