New spawn egg - Wither Skelly

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by BigMike7, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Its very hard to get a wither skelly head unless you have a looting III sword. You could place a skelly spawner in the nether, but most people can't afford that. It would just make it a little bit easier plus the only drops are heads, coal, and bones. None of them can make you rich. Also you could increase the drop rate of a head that would be amazing.
  2. I'd like this but it would have to be very expensive
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  3. Yeah Vicky right :) its should be expensive
  4. If these were to be added, they would have to be an extremely high price and have a lower spawn rate than most spawners (Imo, for economy reasons). Due to the fact of skulls and such.
  5. Yeah thats what I was saying.
  6. I would be ok with that, those people with a high amount of money would have happy days lol
  7. Considering that skulls are only verry valuable would be for skull decoration, nether star decoration, auto breaking things with the wither or for the coal since beacons are only 1500 (without the hassel of killing the wither)

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