New Game- Some Dungeon Exploring Game (<-- Not the actual name of the game.)

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  1. In the game you have a birds eye view of dungeons and you have to defeat enemies and bosses as well as other players. There could possibly be some puzzles as well as secret rooms. Sort of like the first zelda games.

    Killing Monsters will give nuggets and exp (so you can level up), the amount of nuggets and exp varies depending on the monster's level, and monsters will have different levels. (You might find a lvl 1 Zombie in the first dungeon, and a lvl 45 in the last.

    There could also be special weapons like a magic wand or bombs along with swords and bows. In chests you could find weapons and shields, and maybe when you level up you could have all these different stats that also level up (Attack, Defence, Speed and Luck (possibly mana for magic). In treasure chests you might also find parts of weapons that you can craft once you have all the pieces.

    In the world there could also be shops and secret rooms. And you could also get pets to help you.
    -Snow Golem
    -Iron Golem

    You can also eat to gain mana and health.

    Other weapons and items I have thought of so far:
    -Grappling Hook
    -Magic Wand
    -Speed Feather I (gives you speed I)
    -Speed Feather II (give you speed II)
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  2. Good Ideas!

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