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Discussion in 'Cubed Chaos' started by Ordaine, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, as the new season of Cubed comes closer... we are looking for new vote/crate ideas.
    Leave some item ideas down below you would like to see out of the new crates this season.

    *Keep in mind we are not going to be including over powered items*

    Post your ideas, they may make it into the crate ;)
  2. Slimeballs, but...

    cough no slimeballs with sharpness 10? :( cries
  3. Return of the Masterball? xD
  4. Idea. No crates. Extremely helpful opinion and probably the majority opinion. Js.
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  5. i agree with komo with the no crate idea
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  6. Not an option xD
  7. OMG pick of course.........!
  8. The point of this is to get crate item ideas. Not to bash them.
    Please leave helpful ideas :p
  9. i was being real serious... i want the omg pick in the crate again. ;-;
  10. Possibility to get more than one item from crates.
    Also pair of elytra wings called Starter slider that have negative unbreaking and protection but having unlimited repairability.
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    Armour and swords preferably what there is on skyblock kinda, but of course less OP
  12. Also this is kinda agreed, i'm more on the opinion that voting should give currency instead (very useful rather than opening random stuff that you probably wont need if you get too far along in cubed) but if there is going to be crates, then my option is above.
  13. Decorative blocks

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