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  1. Hello everyone! We apologize for the late post. Narnia and myself were out sick this weekend.
    We hope everyone had a great weekend!

    We have some major changes to announce.

    Staff Changes!

    • MrSuperSweet has resigned from Owner. However, he will still remain as part of the staff team.
    • Wubs has been promoted to Owner. He will also be keeping his position as Head Developer.
    We are always looking for new staff, apply today for a chance to join the staff team!

    Click here to apply

    Click here to view all staff changes

    Lone Survivor!


    Lone Survivor has now moved from Nirvana and has become it’s own Network.
    Do not fret! Lone Survivor is still a part of Nirvana, but as a “Sister” Network.

    • Ranks do not transfer to this new Network. It is an entirely new server with it’s very own ranks and store.
    • We are currently working on completing the new forums so make sure to keep an eye out at
    • Lone Survivor will have it’s very own staff team. Be sure to look out for the new application to apply for staff on Lone Survivor! (Staff ranks do not transfer between servers and will need to be approved)
    To play on the new Lone Survivor Network, use the ip:

    Cubed Chaos Cookie Challenge!


    Wubs is now hosting a Cookie Contest on Cubed Chaos! The challenge is to make 1 Million cookies.

    • How do you participate? Log into Cubed Chaos and use /pwarp Axmill 1Mill
    • What’s the prize? A new crate will be added, called the “Cookie Crate”. Who doesn’t love cookies?
    The challenge ends on the February 28th. So get out there and make some cookies!

    That is all for this week's updates. If you have any questions, please message any available staff member.

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  2. Great this should really get Wubs settled down and be a great owner, and for everybody that is participating keep up the great work!:)
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    I love it! Sad to see Super go! But a new start for wubs as owner is amazing! As always keep smiling!
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  5. Can I get my MVP refunded? I bought it, but now it doesn't work on Lone Survivor :(
  6. Wanna ask : where is crusade ? I am waiting for it like a month ...
  7. Hmm just wondering, what is super now? a mod, admin?
  8. Crusade is being recoded, one of our lovely devs (@Travja) is working his butt off to finish crusade. We've had next to no information about crusade yet ._.
  9. did the forums rollback after yesterdays downtime?
  10. Lone survivor is on a different sever... Different ranks, and different staff of course it will not transfer =]
  11. Yes the Forums were down most of the day 2/22 and it looks like it was rolled backed a day or so i cannot be sure how far it went.
  12. @Wubs @MrSuperSweet @Ordaine @Narnia

    I got a rank so that it would be fun to play on Lone Survivor, but just two weeks after the game came out, you moved it. Can I please get a refund?
  13. Super is now a Helper.
  14. He's a helper, it's weird he would be a helper tho.
  15. His in game rank is Helper because he wanted to have fun and be one, but he's Admin+.
  16. Then why not just say he's Admin+?

  17. Because Super is weird.

    Also, we do not refund ranks. You can email support about refunding - [email protected] - but you will be permanently banned if you refund.
  18. i love that "permanently banned" lol guess this means im never going to refund lol
  19. Lol I remember I asked if I would apply to staff if I could have the helper prefix forever

    Btw should I put him in the Admin+ list or Helpers list?

    And what about wubs?
  20. Wubs is now the new owner.

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