My resolution to IS Farming

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by TheZionheart, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. This is my solution for island farming issues,

    Step one:
    Island reset cooldown of 24 hours (minimal)

    Being as you can right click your lava, now obsidan, with a bucket to get lava back you do not have to get a new source

    Step two:
    Have mods/admins take 2 hour shifts depending on time zones, work ect. To monitor the trades/auction, do not ban at first (just incase they are doing it from ignorance) should be warning, then temp ban, then permanent ban

    Step Three:
    This step would allow not so many mods to have to spend their time worrying about it.
    Make a player report forum, and have a forum or multiple forum admins to monitor said forums.

    I hope this helps a bit with the issues.


  2. Great idea. i think they should add a rule in /help that says no island farming just incase people don't know
  3. However id say there is a maximum amount of reseting times, either ways selling dirt and that stuff, he might get money but what is he gonna do with it he'll have to stop at one time and start making its own island plus i wouldnt say 24 hours for a reset aproximetly 30minutes because if you messed up your caobble gen why would you want to wait 24 hours just to make it once again to stop this I would add a limit of resets
  4. It what way messing up your cobble stone generator would cause you to need to reset.

    I explained in my post, if you turn your lava in to obsidian you can right click it with a empty bucket and it will be lava once again


  5. It may not only be that either ways why would you like to stop island farming just add a limited amount of resets , what if you accidently press Q and drop something in lava what if your cactus got erased by a restart what if you accidently put the leva bucket ontop of your seed and it gets erased there are more that can happen with that single island

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