My Project- A 400 by 250 predicted size castle.

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    Building Project
    Ok, so i'm building a massive build with the main parts being birch and stonebrick. It is in the middle of an ocean. The surrounding islands will have 200 by 100 outposts on all of them.

    The entire thing will include:
    A large villager housing space
    Automatic Farms
    Stone Farms
    Mycelium Farms
    Animal Farms
    Housing for around 100-300 people
    Villager Population
    Massive Green Houses For Plants
    A Railway spanning across everything
    Rooms full of pixel art. (BIG ROOMS)
    A large inbuilt mall.
    A storage room.
    A Bragging room (You stand in the middle on a pressure plate and all of the automatic produce starts streaming down in waterfalls all around you. Gap is around 20 blocks with you on a raised platform.
    Oh yeah, and a Llama.

    I'm building this in survival and if anyone wants to sponsor anything to help me get this done or donate some time to help certain parts e.g. Pixel Artists etc. Also if anyone wants to reserve a room (No promises made) and a shop space (also no promises made). I also truly doubt this will finish within the next 5 months. This is a MAJOR project and I would appreciate anyone who helps me and you will be acknowledged.

    UPDATE 1ST MAY 2015
    Thanks I would really like that :p. As of 1st of May 5:30PM Planning Has Begun. I'm going to plan it out. If im online, ask to tpa to me to see the current plan.

    UPDATE 4TH MAY 2015

    2015-05-04_21.28.44.png 2015-05-04_21.28.28.png

    The very top image is the railway I mentioned. It spans at 200 blocks currently and consists of 2 archways (Radius:48 blocks) It took me a few days but its finally perfected.

    The second image is just one small view of the side post however it is finished and is estimated to be 300 by 50 blocks. Although alot of it is simply walking space and dock, not many rooms etc. however there is an office built. I will be creating a floorplan for the project floor 1 before i actually build it up. I will complete the floor layout, post a picture with annotation and if you want to, make suggestions also please help me by pointing out any mistakes I may have made with the floorplan. The outpost has a sheep spawner, 4 offices, 3 overview spots and it begins at sea level and goes up by a maximum of 50 blocks from the sea level. It is much more impressive from any other angle :).
    Em yeah, so a floorplan may not be the best way as it means your stuck to a previous design and you can't improve as you go along so I'm going to start from a certain point and just build it out from there. I think the first thing will be the docking station for the minecarts, This will again be reasonably big :)
    DaGamingLlama <><
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  2. I'll update tommorow probably the first finished outpost. It is around 200 by 50, This is the DOCK outpost. The rest will include different, one will include an airport
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  3. Can't wait to see it. I can donate stone.
  4. Awesome idea, I want to see it happen!
  5. What is this exactly? I mean, will you put it on pre-existing islands or will you be building it yourself? Or are you making it go inside the ocean?
  6. Well I've already finished the first outpost and its currently on an island. Its is pre-existing. Also, the outposts will be connected via minecarts that lead into the main building itself
  7. Thanks :)
    Thanks I would really like that :p. As of 1st of May 5:30PM Planning Has Begun. I'm going to plan it out. If im online, ask to tpa to me to see the current plan.
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  8. So, are most outposts going to be on pre existing islands or will you have to make your own? What if the nearest land is 500 blocks away.
  9. I've already started :). The ocean will suit a size of 250 by 400 then there is islands surrounding it not further than 50 blox away which as i have done with the first, there will be a small railway. I will post a picture of it soon :)
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