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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by UnCorruptible, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Somewhere from 2:00-3:00 AM Eastern Time August 4th I was playing and Skyblock reset, when i come back on however all my stuff in my inventory had vanished, the stuff that was most important to me was my Dark Armor helmet, Dark Armor Chestplate, Sword with Sharpness 3 Unbreaking 3, I had 3 pickaxes one with efficiency 2(Had 0 Durability because i was saving it), one with efficiency 4, and one with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 3, also a shovel with Efficiency 4 Unbreaking 3 and fortune 2, also an axe with efficiency 4 unbreaking 3 and fortune 3, also some other stuff that i could care less about, i also lost 28 level of experience, so if this problem could be resolved i would highly appreciate it. (I tried relogging, going to the nether, and even restarting minecraft completely and nothing worked) Minecraft Name Is UnCorruptible
  2. You might died without you noticing?
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  3. Definitely not
  4. UnCorruptible, U have any picture or video evidence of having that stuff?
  5. I wish I did, but sadly no, you can ask ummmm Brien something can't remember her name completely but she /fixed like all of that stuff
  6. From previous experience, without proof you had those stuff they cant refund your stuff :/
  7. Then guess who's done with skyblock xD took way to much time to get that stuff so screw it then
  8. Items just don't vanish.
    It sounds like you died at some point.
    Unfortunately items lost to deaths cannot be replaced as it defeats the purpose of what skyblock is. However if you can prove it was a glitch, we may be able to refund some of your items.
  9. Well idk how I'd be able to prove something that happened when the server restarted, let alone the fact that I don't record things so rip 10k and I'm not playing cuz be
  10. So you are just giving up? Part of playing a game is adapting as well as the challenge.
    Why not rebuild? Yea it takes a lot of work, but that is what makes it worth it.
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  11. I don't have the time to get all those diamonds back, I was holding all my diamonds worth of stuff
  12. Why would you carry all of your valuables? It is skyblock. Any deaths and you drop all items.
    It is never a good idea to carry everything. You should only carry what you need.
  13. I normally wouldn't have to worry cuz I have ARMOR and /FLY!
  14. Honestly the only way I can see that you lost your items is due to dying to mobs or something along those lines.
    On disconnect, all players are warped to spawn on login. So deaths via disconnect are no longer possible.
  15. Well it happened so now what?
  16. As I said, deaths on disconnect are impossible.
  17. I have died on login lots. I would be AFK, flying like 20 or 30 blocks above the ground on one computer, and when I would log in on a different computer, death.
  18. I have also died a lot due to carelessness. I would be flying over the void, working on a project, swipe to a different watch some youtube, and hit spacebar to play the video. But I would often hit space bar before I was fully on youtube, so I would stop flying, dropping me into the void. I have learned long ago that the void, something dealt with a lot in skyblock, doesn't care about armor, and I don't bother with armor on skyblock. It's to easy to loose and hard to make.

    I think it's easier to die with /fly than without /fly. It's like driving. If everyone thinks driving is safe, they wont be as aware or careful of an accident, therefore causing more accidents. With /fly, you can feel invincible, which causes you to fly over the void, multitask, and not be as careful, maybe leading to death.
  19. its been a thing on skyblock that when you reconnect it instantly tps you to spawn so you dont die of fall damage like others have been doing so for months upon months on skyblock the only way you couldve died is before the restart to fall damage void or mobs

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