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Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Ordaine, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Hello my fellow Nirvanaian's!
    Skyblock Voyage was released earlier today!
    Some of you may have noticed you are missing ranks/perks/workers since the move/update.

    Comment down below with what you are missing.

    Please use the following format:

    Missing Item/Perk:

    "Hey I recently noticed that my /fly perk is missing.

    IGN: Ordaine
    Missing Item/Perk: Fly

    Description: I purchased it via the nirvana store."

    This allows us to solve your issue as quickly as possible.
    Please be patient while we fine tune this new gamemode and comb over any bugs we may have missed during the beta.

    Happy Skyblocking!

    Workers are currently disabled. Bugs are currently being fixed and they are also being updated to the latest version.
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    2 Workers: 1 Sand + 1 Cobble (both 60secs)
    Got them both in Sb-2 from vote crates
  3. Darcon400
    60 Second Sand worker
    I got it Via vote crate (forest)
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    Hey I recently noticed that my two sand workers from Skyblock Ultimate are missing.

    IGN: TinyPandaBubble
    Missing Item/Perk: Two 60 sec Sand Workers
    Description: I had two sand workers from skyblock ultimate that I had won from the vote crate. Also, I had noticed that i can no longer use "/pv 1"; I do not know if that is know donor only. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully fixing my problem. Have a great day!
  5. via vote crate or store?
  6. Hey I recently noticed that I am missing four vote keys.

    IGN: Z0mbieSlayer121
    Missing Item/Perk: Four vote keys
    Description: When I had logged into the new skyblock I had four vote keys and I had made a new island. The server had then deleted the vote keys from me. I know they are just vote keys but is there any way I can get those keys back? It would just help me in the game to be a little ahead. Thank you reading. I hope you have a good day.
  7. LuxFortis
    60 second Sand Worker
    I got it from a vote crate on Forest.
  8. if you dont have your workers right now thats cause they are disabled is what this means you cant really know if they are missing until they are readded so i suggest posting after they are added back and if you still dont have it
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  9. Hey I recently noticed that my /fly perk is missing.

    IGN: RedstoneUSA
    Missing Item/Perk: Fly

    Description: I purchased it via the nirvana store.
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    Missing Item/Perk:30 second cobble worker
    Description:I purchased it via the nirvana store
  11. IGN: Taee
    Missing Perk: /fly command
    Description: I purchased this a long time ago around February 2015 on the store.

    Missing Perk: Sand Worker 30s(I know they are not active atm but it isn't on the other skyblocks)
    Description: I won this from a vote crate around 3 months ago.
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    IGN: AndeezPurr:D:cool:;):p:eek::rolleyes:
    Missing Item/Perk: Fly:(
    Missing Item/Perk: 10 Workers- 1 Sand, 1 Ore, 1 Wood and 1 Cobblestone I bought. The other 6 I got through vote keys 3 Cobblestone, 1 ore, 1 sand, and 1 wood
    Description: Purchased through nirvana store or gotten with vote keys.:)
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    IGN: 556
    Missing Item/Perk: Fly
    Description: Purchased through nirvana store.. 8/11/2015, if that helps:p
  15. Well thanks for the workers back. Now all I need is my fly. Plllleeeeaaaazzzzeeee :-(
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    IGN: Hoborator
    Lost items: A 60s wood worker via crate.
    Evidence: http://imgur.com/g4PJKZV
    Description: I got the worker fomr a vote crate. :p
  17. IGN:NotABunny
    Missing item/perk: Sand worker, ./thru command and ./top i believe i had aswell or maybe i thought about buying it not sure but im sure you guys can check x3
    Description: the worker i got via a vote crate and the commands i bought from the store
  18. I have another problem.

    IGN: Purplesuperfox
    Missing Item/Perk: 30 second Cobble worker
    Description: I purchased it via the nirvana store
  19. IGN: Alaskan_Hunter
    Item: 2 Wood and 1 cobble worker
    Description: All were 60 seconds and received via vote crate.
  20. IGN: axmanturtle
    Missing Item/Perk: Sand Worker (60 sec), Cobblestone Worker (60 sec), Wood Worker (60 sec)
    Description: All workers were received via vote crate

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