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    I'm making this thread to tell you about a mini-game idea that I came up with. Completely original, just popped into my brain. (only got in there when I obtained a dragon egg on cubed)

    Here's the idea:
    Dragon Dash
    One Enderdragon egg spawns and you have to collect it with torches and a iron pickaxe, players can right click the egg to move it and delay the time.
    If you gather the Egg, another one spawns and it's a race to 3/5
    Map Layout:
    It'd be cool if the map was a mini version of the end. Like a platform with small obsidian pillars.

    But Josh.... isn't that boring?
    Well, No.
    I was thinking that every 15 seconds 1-3 endermen spawn and attack players. Then after 5 seconds they de-spawn. Powerups could also spawn giving players nausia/blindness

    These are the ideas I have, please feel free to leave suggestions down below in the comments.

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  2. #JustbeluckyIdidntspamyouwithboldnerd
  3. Pretty Cool I Guess
  4. Cool idea, i don't full understand the concept it would be a confusing game, maybe you could simplify i the explanation, such as;
    Game Name:

    Maybe im beening stupid and just its an easy concept im reading it worng
  5. I don't really understand it either. Maybe fully explain the idea?
  6. I'd say that the general concept is great, but if you were to go into further detail about the game and it's objectives it would further people to post their opinions on it, again this is just my opinion but good job Josh!
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