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    My minigame is heavily based around PvP. You have 4 teams of 3 people (Red,Blue,Yellow,Green) Once you kill someone you need to go to their base and then you can disable that person that you killed from respawning, once all three people in a team have had their respawning stopped and are dead, you can claim their team and then your team will have 3 extra people. In the middle power-ups will spawn every 1-2 minutes. Last team left wins.

    There will be kits in this minigame, such as:
    -Hulk(Costs 100,000 nuggets) (Gets Full Green Leather Armor, and an iron sword) (If You Right Click Your Iron Sword You Can Perform A Hulk Smash, which flings any nearby players into the air and does 10/20 hearts of damage to people that get flung into the air.)
    -The Golem (Costs 125,000 nuggets)*
    -Link (Costs 100,000 nuggets) (Gets Full Green Leather Armor, an iron sword, a shield (when you hold it damage will be decreased by half), as well as Epona (Your trusty steed)
    -Mewtwo (Costs 100,000 nuggets) (Gets Full Magenta Leather Armor, And an Iron Sword that when you right click it will make any attacks do zero damage to you for 10 seconds (takes about a minute to charge up)
    -Rainbow (Donator Kit)*
    -Pyro (Donator Kit)*
    -Sage (Donator Kit)*
    -The Blur (Donator Kit)*
    -The Greed (Donator Kit)*
    -Pirate (Donator Kit)*
    *(All kits that are in Crusade work the same as they do in Crusade)

    Maps will need four bases (one in each corner) and a centre (for power-ups)
    Themes could include:
    -Rainbow Road (Mario Kart)
    -Block Fort (Mario Kart)
    -A Mario Themed Map (With A Pipe Maze To Get Between Bases)
    -Maybe A Skylands Themed Map
    -A Jungle Map
    -A maze (Possibly like the maze runner)

    3 Nuggets For Each Kill.
    10 Nuggets For Disabling someone's spawning
    20 Nuggets For Claiming A team
    20 Nuggets For Your Team Winning (For People Who Started On That Team)
    5 Nuggets For Playing.

    Kill 5 People= 5 nuggets
    Kill 10 People = 20 nuggets
    Kill 25 People= 50 nuggets
    Kill 50 People = 100 nuggets
    Kill 100 People= 150 nuggets

    Claim 1 Base= 10 nuggets
    Claim 3 Bases= 30 nuggets
    Claim 5 Bases = 50 nuggets
    Claim 10 Bases =100 nuggets
    Claim 25 Bases= 150 nuggets

    Win once = 10 nuggets
    Win 3 times = 30 nuggets
    Win 5 times= 50 nuggets
    Win 10 times =100 nuggets
    Win 25 times=150 nuggets

    -Rainbow Kit
    -Pyro Kit
    -Sage Kit
    -The Blur Kit
    -The Greed Kit
    -Pirate Kit

    Extra Details:
    Hulk's, Mewtwo's and Link's Sword is in their first slot.
    Link's Shield is in his second slot.

    -Iron, Gold, Leather Armor
    -Bow and arrows
    -Random Type Of Sword
    -Speed Feather (Get 1 minute of speed I)
    -Jump Boots (Wear them to make you jump 1 block higher)
    -Fire Charges
    -Maybe a wither skull that you can fire at people.
    -Throwable TNT
    -Flint and Steel
    -Random Splash Potions
  2. Sounds too much like Mega Walls.

    @WeezyF5 what do you think?
  3. Yeah just a little bit too much like Mega Walls, if made a few tweaks it could be completely unique.
  4. I'll try to think of something
  5. What about random events in the minigame, like Anvil Rain or a Zombie Siege?
  6. Sounds unique go for it! :D
  7. Is there anything else I need to do or is it just up to staff?
  8. I don't know even if you add stuff its still a copy of an idea
  9. Hmm I Dont Know...

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