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  1. I think that Minecraft and Nirvana is slowly declining in player count and popularity.

    Minecraft is amazing. It isn't a normal game, which lasts a few years. Minecraft has been thriving for 7 years now, which is remarkable. However, I think Minecraft is past it's prime. Mainly because of the lack of updates and new features, I think Minecraft is slowing down in popularity, as people find newer and more interesting games. There will always be people who play it, but the majority of people will move on. Of course, Minecraft is still wildly popular. But I think it's slowing down.

    Nirvana is suffering now, I think we can all agree. (Player chart below) School is a big factor. Like anything, over short periods of time it takes ups and downs. It's in a down now. About 8 months ago, Nirvana consistently broke 100 players. It was great. Then PeteZaHut came on Lone Survivor, we broke FOUR HUDRED PLAYERS. That was incredible. but then all those players left with Pete.

    This all is my option. Tell me what you think, and what you disagree with, and why.


  2. this is the same with alot of servers example it is the same with cosmic and twars and thearchon it is becuase school just started and people are still trying to position there way into school and not into video games as much.
  3. This happens with every minecraft server. Pete was one of the big reasons nirvana struck past 500 players. But sadly, not all players are there to play the game. I'm sure around Christmas time our player plc out will get over 100 :p
  4. Last time I was it was around 60-80 players, which is pretty good :/
  5. That's good for any server tbh
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  6. I know, server getting a player base is really hard in conclusion, even if its only 10 players
  7. Nirvana is so underrated, needs to be at least like Badlion
  8. yeah no.
  9. I remember before crusade was taken down we always had around 70-100 players online even on school days.
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  10. Since Super left, we honestly never aimed to be a big server as we see ourselves as a simple, fun to play server. And honestly, I like that. The most I'd want this server to peek is maybe 200. But everything costs money and we cannot just pour blindly into things. I like the server the way it is, we will more than likely rise again as most servers tend to. Player bases are a rollercoaster that we cannot control. We will not die.

    Pirates never die.

    <insert cringe>
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  11. Of course, everyone knows that pirates never die.
  12. KURT?

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    What?? I'm here!
    There. [​IMG]

    by the way, yeah. I feel like minecraft is dying too. Why? Because I left it.(yup mcs rip cause of me. nah jk i just knida feel like it) The lack of updates... I miss the old MC. IMO, everything went down for me after the new MC launcher which was in 2013. I started playing in 2011 December - just after Beta. I don't know, but i enjoy playing 1.1 and 1.0.0 - the versions i originally started on. Minecraft IS indeed dying. Nirvana is going down as well. Hopefully more and more people will join. I don't go onto Nirvana anymore because it has started to get boring. However, I'm always active in the forums. I'm interested in collecting old computers, computer parts and stuff like that. I have found another forum that I'm in - really loving it so far... this is really starting to get off-topic.

    tl:dr, mc n nirvana is dying inDEAD.

    EDIT: I wish I was born in the 1650's, I was born in the wrong generation REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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  14. This pun ruined my life
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Where's the rum gone?
  17. Do you guys still go on Crusade? I haven't seen anyone for 2 weeks now.
  18. I mean... If it was 1.10....
  19. what would crusade being 1.10 accomplish? it wouldnt change anything in the gamemode whatsoever
  20. 1.10 is less laggy for the majority of players

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