MC_Master_J and MC_Master_S report about player to freshNeasy and chamwow

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by MC_Master_J, Jun 13, 2015.

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  2. Hello MC_Master_J, The player shown has been dealt with, thank you for the report!
  3. Oh my gosh, Why would SaintYT do that? That is super inappropriate
  4. I don't think that MVP+ SaintYT cares what he says about people on your server Chamwow and FreshNeasy because once again he is saying that about our shop and more importantly I think of this as bullying as well as other people. Especially if you have younger people on your server and he is saying stuff like this to other people! This really is bad publicity for your server. He is also threatening us to contact Staff about "bad trades and auctions as in the price is too much". Here is the proof Once Again! Screenshot (107).png Screenshot (109).png
  5. There is a forums in the help section where this should be placed. Would help keep identities as secret and further incidents to happen since it is private except for you and staff to see. In any case from what I see is wrong what saint is doing, but without extra context of what you were saying/dealing and the fact that you may of been spamming said offer (Which from what I see is not justified in price) may of annoyed these people since 3 people are saying the same thing.
  6. Thank you for brining to my attention that there is in fact a reports section! The first time i posted about this, i contacted the admins through the minecraft server and told him that i did not see any reports section on thier website. It just so happens that i didnt scroll down all the way but the point is, is that the admins TOLD me to post here. Also, MC_Master_S, my YOUNGER realative is the one who posted the auction for 25,000 after telling him that it was too much, he still wanted to post it anyway. If minecraft players on the server dont want to bid on it they should be just ignoring it and Not responding in a way that can offend other people! Including what I said before, if younger peopple are playing and they see what these MVP's and VIP's are saying about others they will be less inclined to be on this server! Hence, Bad publicity! Also, i have seen others on this server do this exact thing, and NOBODY has said anything to them. So this is directly pointed to US and nobody else it seems, doesn't it!

    Thank you for bringing the reports section to my notice.
  7. Yeah when I hopped on last night to tell SaintYT that was totally inappropriate but then once again he called ME and YOU a monkey butt:(. I really don't like this

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