May MADneSS, Skyblock Testing and More!

Discussion in 'News' started by MrSuperSweet, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. IGN: demigod239
  2. hype!!! omg can't wait xD
    IGN: MangoTheCat_
  3. IGN: Bradenpj315
  4. IGN: CoolCrafter422 YES YES HYPEEEE
  5. Mario time. Sky block testing;p
  6. My favorite month :D
    ign: Benshif
  7. IGN for testing; Victhetiger
    Hope it turns out to be amazing ;3
  8. IGN: KurtThePenguin
  9. IGN=Valoric_Bane

    btw, any admins got ideas on making prestiging cheaper, just a little?
  10. Nice :)
  11. apperently my IGN wasnt posted so.... here it is IGN: CoolCrafter422
  12. IGN for Testing: omgali :D
  13. the servers already out of testing though
  14. Skyblock is already out, you don't need to put your IGN in the comments anymore :3
  15. Lol

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