May MADneSS, Skyblock Testing and More!

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    Hello Ladies and Gents!
    It's my pleasure to announce that we will be releasing Skyblock as part of the NirvanaNetwork in preparation for "May MADneSS".

    You are probably thinking to yourself, "Super have you gone insane?! What the heck is May MADneSS!". Well, May MADneSS is a term, that I just created, trademarked, copyrighted, and well... claim, that symbolizes the crazy updates coming to our network in preparation for... you guessed it... May MADneSS.

    But what is it?! Well I'm glad I asked. The Network has big plans for May, huge plans, the biggest of the biggest of plans, I'm talking Dinosaur level plans. We will be having at least 3 new game modes, constant updates, and best of all... players! We have tons of promotion lined up, which should bring us to around 500 players (and thats low balling it). You will see lot's of your favorite you tubers, tons of people, updates, and you will think to yourself... ho-ly poo balls.

    As you can tell I'm pretty excited, and you should be too! So let's go over all the crazy things we plan on having for May MADneSS.

    Numero Uno: Zombies!
    Yes, we plan on having zombies completely finished, bug tested, polished and ready for May... MADneSS.
    Number 2: New Hub
    All those crazy hub updates you guys have seen?! Welp they were for May MADneSS!
    Number 4-1= x: Prisons!
    Yes we will be adding prisons to our network! We will put our beautiful spin on it as always so don't worry your pretty little faces off about it being boring!
    3 Number: Skyblock!
    Yes, Skyblock is coming to Nirvana!

    We have some projects that may or may not make it for may... MADneSS, those include -

    (Yes a new factions, we aren't too happy with the one we have now!)

    But wait, there's more! For the low low price of replying to this thread with your username, you can Privately test Skyblock!

    Skyblock is currently in what we like to call the Skeleton Stage, it hasn't gone under all the refinement that you have come to love on your Nirvana games! So if you decide to take part in this beautiful project, you can actually sculpt the game to how you would like it.

    This includes:
    • Map Layout
    • Where you Spawn
    • Gui's
    • Chat Msgs
    • Gameplay
    • Suggestions
    • and whatever else you want!

    All you need to do is post your username below, and type /warp Skyblock-1 in chat. Please note it may take a little while for me to add the username, so be patient! By joining the Skyblock Private Testing, we ask that you post all suggestions in the Skyblock game thread and any bugs in the bug thread! And as incentive we will choose the most active user (who posted the most suggestions, bugs, etc) to win a $100 coupon in our store. Yes that's right $100 dollars in our store.

    Alright well I need to get back to work, see if I can't find another helping hand to get ready for May MADneSS. Be sure if you see any developers in game to spam them with "May MADneSS"!

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  2. Hype!
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  3. The map may even be a modified version of Technical Skyblock ;)
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  4. I'm so happy I'm squealing.

    IGN for testing; Narnia
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  5. Marc is too lazy to make an account, so here is his name: MarcTheUnknown
  6. And mine, MrSweetAndSour
  7. Looks amazing, I cant wait!!
    IGN for testing: ItsLink
  8. IGN for testing: Vickyy
  9. Sounds swazzyilicious
    IGN: ItsNeil
  10. Oops wasn't logged in :/
    IGN - JJGaming08
  11. ign = harrydbest
  12. guess what; IGN: adybuddy (for da testing ofc)
  14. Oooooo I like ;)
  15. IGN: Twitch_TV
  16. idk if this is still vaild to say this but...
    Ign = SirRageKiller
  17. IGN: ChunkyPikachu
  18. this will be so much fun
  19. IGN: Versia
    For da testing x3 c:
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