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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ProAtafking, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Anyways I can make it for about anyone. I've made like 5 of those faces and 2 of those Animated ones. If you want I could make it for ya guys :) ANyONE
  2. Lol I will try XD. I'm pretty sure I can... Lol. I'll try my best xD
  3. Okay welp as you asked Chan here ya go xD

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  4. Ayyy lmao thanks bro
  5. I named it sweg zombie because well, it has a crap ton of sweg in him. no DUH lol
  6. Thats actually pretty good
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  7. Thank you :)
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  8. Do it with my skin!
  9. Okay! What background colour Ye want
  10. I have a lot to do. I have about 10 requests 2 banners and rest animated ones lol rip
  11. Choose what ever you want :p
  12. Could you make me on that says Ryano123? Just writing no pictures?
  13. Okay. So no face/animated?
  14. Do you want the animated one or just teh face?
  15. I'm getting so many requests on hypixel and here xD lol R.I.P IN PEPPERONIES
  16. Yes please
  17. Okay!
  18. Animated
  19. k

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