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  1. Hello. I am making artwork, Basically yes im making artwork bcz im good. so i'm wondering if any of you guys want me to make some artwork for you that would be no problem. I can give you a preview of before and after. I also made it more realistic/Cartoonish like so yeah. just ask me and ill do it. So here is a b4/after pic


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  2. As you can see it's a complete change. Hope you like it.
    If you want one just Private Message me on the forums or do it on this page ;)
  3. And here's a complete one that took me 3 hours :)

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  4. your artwork made me chuckle, the one with the face
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  5. So your saying it's bad.
  6. Could you stop posting rude comments about me? Thankyou.
  7. Please keep comments that could be taken offensive towards players to yourself.
  8. Ikr
  9. im not saying it's bad, nor did I mean it to be offensive. I just said the face is funny cause the eyes look crosseyed.

    I whipped up a rendition of my own skin, idk it's my first time so it looks bad (took around 40 mins :p) minecart.png
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  10. I like your "Pro Animated Version" one it looks cool 3d
  11. I liek the anime eyes
  12. lol thanks. i hate using Paint, it was bare-able cause i have touch screen laptop, so it helped me out a few times making the hair

    I think i'll stick to drawing.
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  13. Thank you :)
  14. True that xD ;P Cool Drawing :)
  15. i like the gradient on the shirt, i wish i could do that on paint LOL
  16. thanks bro
    u the real one
  17. Nah you are
    I do it on paint.NET :)
  18. pppsh u have to one-up me
  19. I could make one for you if you like?
  20. Haha, if you want. A Zombie skin with sunglasses would be hilarious

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