Lost all my stuff????

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  1. I was afk fishing at my is, and I came back to find myself at spawn with a clear inventory! I had a maxed out diamond sword and full diamond armor with maxed out boots and a maxed out helmet! TNT does no damage, poison from fishing can not kill you, and even then I have regen on my is as well!

    The only way I could have died is if I was killed by a mob (which cant get into my fish farm) or a player. Please I need help :eek::(:(
  2. Is it possible that your hunger went down and you died to hunger damage!!

    I know when i am sometimes afking at my iron farm my hunger goes down!!!
  3. Hunger can go down all the way and get you down to half a heart, but it can never kill you. Plus I have regen anyway so I would never have made it down to half a heart in the first place
  4. OK well im not too sure then!
  5. Only thing I can think of is a Witch, if their potion effects still work.
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    Ok, just found something a little disturbing.

    I have this small egg farm, and last time I saw it, it was perfectly fine. However now someone has broken one of the glass blocks containing the chickens and then tried to hastily repair it by spamming blocks on the ground. Now chickens seem to be roaming around my island. Here is the disturbing part: I am 100% certain that no other members of my island were online today. On another note, all the item frames at /warp shop have been rotated.
  7. Maybe someone just came on and trolled!

    Yeah idk why all the items are rotated
  8. You know now that you say it, yesterday all the item frames were rotated at spawn on sky block west too, but not only that, at my island I had just replaced all of my chest frames in my vault and they were gone again when I came back minutes later! All that stuff in the frames gone with the frames of course, then last week our pumpkin auto farms had been tampered with, random blocks were missing or misplaced causing the farms to not function, I spent 45 min. repairing them. A few weeks back a mob of zombies appeared at my village a few days in a row , and I randomly experience damage but no one is there.

  9. lol yeah All my item frames i had on forest on one side of my mountain (100+) filled with slimeballs and slimeblocks are all gone for like , i dunno 5 days now
  10. that stinks!
  11. In massive amounts, item frames can be very laggy since they are entities. It is very likely that, as a way to reduce lag, item frames were included in the 20 mobs per chunk limit. Now, keep in mind, that is not a hard limit to abide by. A chunk is only a 16x16 area horizontally, so as long as you do not stack things like item frames on top of each other over and over you should be fine.
  12. But also creepers can blow up item frames and maybe some people bring up a creeper and for example if there was a item frame with a diamond they could just bring it up and they get the diamond for them self also some one keeps dyeing my sheeps is there a way to stop that
  13. The simple solution: block off any part of your island you don't want people to access.

    By the way, are you sure creepers can blow up item frames? Because from my experience on skyblock forest, creepers do no damage to players and destroy no blocks.
  14. Item frames...are entities..WELL THATS JUST FREAKIN GREAT, and no : a creeper wouldnt have been able to do all that , literally impossible to achieve

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