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  1. Hey guys @Wubs

    as some people already know we need storage. Its impossible to store all the stuff u want to store. Most people who actively play LS need storage. Something like banks or a command like /pv or /echest. Thanks

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  2. Agree 100%
  3. they need storage because they have too man heads. Its not there fault but some people dont care about dieing so they constantly jump down and try to fight the op poeple which ends up with them dying and op people giving them an extra kill. The op people will say "omg pls stop" or like "stop jumping down" but they obs want more kills. I do mot blame them every player want more kills and higher ranks but u need to find a solution for this because everyone is doing it and its just made the gamemode bad.
  4. Its not for skulls ffa in my echest i dont have one head,i put them in my base chest cuz id rly care if some1 takes them...we need more space for gear,enc books and so on...
  5. You mean like jumping down from the spawn?

    Maybe make something that you can stack heads?
  6. yep people jump down from spawn and give ez kills and skulls. why i quit ls cause its not fair.
  7. I am surely after a staff will see this posts he will notify the Developers and they will fix it :)
  8. it is know fixed and can someone tell me whats up with the leadorboards?
  9. ye i want to know how close i am to being on the leaderboard
  10. I wouldn't think /pv would be added as it is lone Survivor and it's not meant to be easy. Supposed to be difficult when you die and have to run back to your base for more gear instead of dying and just /pv for another set :p. Makes it more of a challenge and fair in my opinion.
  11. Yeah i think that would be cool but te world is so small... And Everyone xrays! So small world+Everyone xray=Rip your base. If your lucky maybe max is 5 days but it will get found. Maybe like add /protect chest so that and you have to like. blow it up or something so xrayers cant just mine to your base and get it.
  12. As Impmon said, /pv's will ruin the fun in the game. But your idea is kinda interesting :p
  13. Im not saying that i think /pv has tro be added. I gave multiple suggestions, and they are just suggestions. I get the point, but its so hard to store stuff u need. And if u have to store your stuff in a base, im sure within 1 week that base got x-rayed.
  14. I understood that you just wanted to show the main idea but yea, I agree with you, there should be more ways to store stuff :)
  15. We will figure something out. The main goal for this LS server is to keep it more vanilla and not so over powered and crazy with plugins and such like it was previously.
    Vanilla Survival of the Fittest.
  16. Make it exciting! Its so boring now, especially the world its so dead! No, villagers or mineshafts and its borring now maybe ces was too op but this is just very boring you need to add something fun and cooler.
  17. Instead of just saying add cool stuff, you should try and suggest what to add :p
  18. Yo you know how you had those enchantment ces where you could get them from enchanting, yeah that would be cool and add soem fun stuff also pls male the world cooler its so boring eg villages and mineshafts! why did u get rid of minehsafts? Yeah imo Also normal vanilla is fun but you need to add some cool stuff like when pete was here.
    Also isnt no charms a bit extreme?
  19. just saw the new spawn looks so cool whoever did it great job. Glitches: Mob spawners dont work, Apparently i have 761 kills (wich is dont) and im on the daily killer leadorboards when i dont even play.
  20. Its because you are so good you don't even have to play

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