Let's talk about the chat filter.

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  1. As we all know, the filter is here to make the server PG, but it fails at it really bad. E.g. (Really offensive homophobic slur) and (girl's parts) and while it doesn't sensor all the swear words completely, it removes sentences that have nothing inappropriate, example: "who's hitting me" "who removed the item from the item frame" so what I suggest, is to 1.change the filter, or 2. remove it completely because the majority of our community are mature enough to not freak out, and all the 9 year old squeakers, they curse every 2 words anyway so what's the matter? This is a win-win situation: less kids and less muted. I hope you agreed with anything I said,
    Goodbye. -no life idiot
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  2. Family friendly server = No cursing or offensive language.

    The chat filter blocks basic words, it is also a server rule to not use offensive words.
    It's not like the word magically appears in chat. You have to physically type the words.

    Simple fix. Follow the rules. Using bad language doesn't show maturity, it actually shows the opposite.

    We used to have a fairly extensive chat filter, however... the more words that are added to the filter, the more and more lag it causes as it is doing constant checks.

    The amount of variations per word is also incredible.
    P o o p
    ....aaaand so forth.
    Blocking every word and every variation is literally impossible.

    Easiest fix... don't use bad language. If you do, you get muted.
  3. Except for one person, who unexplainably doesn't need to follow the rules..

    Poop is a blocked?
  4. So you're not allowed to say "poop" and you're allowed to say a really offensive slur? Nirvana logic
  5. your allowed to say poop but he used that as a reference to prove his point..........
  7. The only server that bans people for cursing probably lol. Death threats maybe okay but really cursing? A mute should be the max.
  8. theres hundreds of servers that ban for cursing.....
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  9. I do agree, but only a few of them ban people after 2 offenses.
  10. some straight up ban after the 2nd offense consider yourselves lucky you get 2 before a ban
  11. At least there the second mute isn't as ridiculous as a whole day...
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    I've seen servers mute for up to a month as a second offense lol, a day isn't that long.
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    lol is this really what minecraft has turned into? i know swearing isn't a way to act mature and crap like that but come on lol there shouldn't be anything for this. one of the reasons why i left mc lol - just playing with friends now

  14. There is really no need to curse. It's not funny, it's not cute.
    If you leave a server because you can't curse, that is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

    It is a block game. You shouldn't feel the need to curse or let that stop you from enjoying a game.
  15. it wasnt the only reason i left MC. its a block game so no cursing? that makes absolutely no sense. then you could say: It's a 3D game so no cursing - or 2D game so no cursing.
  16. Rules are rules. It shouldn't be that hard to follow a simple "do not type curse words."

    No if's, and's or but's. Just don't curse lol. It does nothing but make you look immature.
  17. I don't know if this is part of the chat filter but when you say "gonna" it just changes it to "going" and the same with a few other words. I think that should be changed because it's pretty annoying tbh.
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  18. I don't see how it is annoying. It is just auto correcting bad spelling xD
  19. It is most of the time not bad spelling. Like this here:
    I'm gonna kill some people, changes to:
    I'm going kill some people. That doesn't fix bad spelling, that creates it.
    Also the curse words being immature thing: I agree on not using them as sometimes it can look immature, but... it depends, sort of.

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